Thanks to award-winning historic restoration contractor Mihm Enterprises Inc. and CertainTeed® Carriage House™ luxury shingles, Shiloh House, a Michigan mansion recognized by the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, now has a beautiful, new roof with the authentic look of scalloped slate shingles.

Built in 1910 for the Israelite House of David religious society in Benton Harbor, Mich., Shiloh House had fallen into disrepair over the years and developed some roof leaks. Two years ago, Israelite House of David hired Orr Construction of South Haven, Mich., to make some repairs to Shiloh House. When the contractor took a closer look at the roof, however, it was in worse condition than originally anticipated. Knowing Mihm Enterprises’ reputation for historic building restoration, Orr Construction subcontracted the project to them.

 “Over the years, water had gotten in and rotted out the roof deck and some of the fascia and rafter tails,” said Bob Ziman, project manager for Mihm Enterprises. “There were also some finials missing and copper dome roofing that needed to be restored. We initially thought this would be a two-month job, but after taking a more in-depth look, we knew we’d have to be there a lot longer.”

The general contractor had recommended the Carriage House shingles for their durability and their authentic emulation of scalloped slate roofing, a historically appropriate look for the Queen Anne-style mansion. A frequent installer of CertainTeed shingles, Mihm Enterprises echoed this sentiment.

 “Our roofers like working with CertainTeed shingles more than anything else for their workability and the way they go down on the deck,” Ziman said. “And, they’re a good choice for the customer because they’re long-lasting and maintain their granules well over the years.”

Beginning work in October 2011, Mihm Enterprises’s two crews braved a roof height of 40 feet and pitches ranging from 6/12 to 12/12 to renew the original grandeur of the Shiloh House’s roof. The crews replaced the rotted roof decking and over it installed a layer of CertainTeed® WinterGuard™ waterproofing underlayment and 200 squares of Carriage House shingles in Stonegate Gray. In addition, they installed new flashing and restored all weatherworn and damaged fascia, copper roofing and masonry. The job was completed this February and received excellent reviews from the property owners.

“The Israelite House of David is very pleased with the work that Mihm Enterprises performed on the roof of the Shiloh House complex,” said Brian Ziebart, archivist and historian at Israelite House of David. “The selection of the CertainTeed Carriage House shingles was a great decision. They look great, and we’re confident they will last for many years. We couldn’t be happier!”

 Carriage House is a heavyweight asphalt composite shingle that offers premium performance and the prestigious, classic look of scalloped slate, providing the perfect solution for a steeply pitched roof. Unique, scalloped edges that give the appearance of hand craftsmanship, and beautiful shadow lines provide unparallel depth and richness. For more information, visit