VALLEY FORGE, Pa. — A new partnership between CertainTeed and advanced weather forensics company HailStrike is a boon to contractors looking to strengthen their re-roof business in regions prone to stormy weather. The collaboration aims to help CertainTeed-credentialed roofing contractors quickly and accurately locate homes damaged by hailstorms so they can best connect with homeowners in need of roof repairs.

HailStrike offers the most innovative and cross-referenced analytic data available in the storm market today. The company uses interactive maps to help roofers track hailstorm paths throughout the continental United States. Thanks to its detailed, site-specific reporting, roofers can identify and get to storm-torn roofs quickly so they may help homeowners start the process of repair, while also beating their competition to the prospective work.

“HailStrike’s interactive storm-tracking technology helps turn hail-damaged roofs into re-roof jobs for our credentialed roofers, and that’s good news for roofers and their customers,” said Jay Butch, director of contractor programs and promotions for CertainTeed Roofing. “We are proud to offer this type of lead-generating service to our roofers.”

Specifically, HailStrike offers CertainTeed ShingleMasters, Select ShingleMasters, Silver Star Contractors and Gold Star Contractors three services: HailStrike tracking, OneSite reports and AniSwath® hail map. Roofers with HailStrike tracking have access to radar-based storm tracking software that trails the heart of the storm, and even includes the size of hail. The OneSite tool provides site-specific information for hail activity at exact locations. With OneSite, roofers can see the storm’s strength, speed, direction, severity and duration. Those with the AniSwath service have direct access to the industry’s only colorized, fully animated hail swath map. It is a tool that clearly provides the entire picture of a hailstorm for roofers, including probability of severe hail and duration of a storm.

These comprehensive tools and services now offered to CertainTeed credentialed roofers will provide them the data they seek without their needing to piece together information spread throughout several sources. HailStrike’s information is generated within a few hours — sometimes even in real time — and gives roofers a competitive edge by locating prospective customers.

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