DALLAS — In conjunction with new marketing enterprises, National Roofing Partners (NRP) has refreshed its logo and launched a new website.

The NRP logo was designed to symbolize the essence of the company and is meant to evoke unity and inclusiveness. The letters “NRP” span all the way across the image of a globe, which represents coverage and security. The swoosh symbol represents connectedness and partnership. As for the colors, red symbolizes assertiveness; and blue symbolizes stability and professionalism, which instills a sense of trustworthiness. Red and blue are used against a white background to evoke the U.S. flag, and to reinforce NRP's national scope and promise. The red “R” draws attention to the fact that this is an organization of roofers, and that they are proud of it.  

The new NRP website has a much more modern look and feel than its predecessor. It features large, high-resolution imagery, dynamic typography, and an interactive layout. In an effort to reach as many potential clients as possible and optimize the customer experience, the website has been released with mobile and tablet versions.

The website can be viewed at www.nationalroofingpartners.com.