KANSAS CITY, Mo.— Butler Manufacturing has installed 2.1 billion square feet of its MR-24® roof system worldwide — enough to cover 259,259 baseball fields. The company reached this milestone in early 2013.

“This landmark is a testament to the unmatched protection provided by the MR-24 roof system,” President Tom Gilligan said. “Through the expertise of our Butler Builder dealers, the MR-24 roof system has become the most specified standing-seam roof on the market.”

Butler offers a roof for every building design — from low-slope and complex roof geometries to new construction to roof retrofits and reroofs. Its line of total roof solutions is anchored by the MR-24, which was introduced in 1969 as the industry’s first standing-seam roof system.

“Although a roof system can be one of the most expensive components of a building, it’s a critical investment to protect a building’s structure,” said Rodger Russ, North American sales manager, roof division, Butler Manufacturing. “The MR-24 roof system is virtually maintenance-free, with in-place performance surpassing 40 years.”

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