Safety Rail System

Reeves Roofing Equipment Co., Inc.

Shown is the Reeves GuardAll Safety Rail System. The Multi Purpose System will attach to a deck, parapet or slab. You can purchase the MultiPost that adjusts in 3-inch increments to allow for the height of the parapet. The MultiPost allows you to use two-by-fours or cable. There is also an optional bracket that attaches to the clamp for a four-by-four upright. For more information, visit

Warning Line System

Quicksilver Engineering

SpeedStand makes protecting workers from falls quick and easy. Compact, one-piece stands transport easily and set up instantly. These durable steel stands are spaced 40 feet apart and meet OSHA requirements. There is also a model for use on standing seam metal roofs. For more information, call 800-460-7579 or visit

Roof Hatch Railings

Safety Rail Source

From the inventors of hatch railings comes the ultimate KeeHatch® Mightylight. Made from lightweight aluminum, it has few parts for a fast and easy installation. An exact fit for several manufaturers’ hatches, it’s the one railing for all hatches that won’t break. The product was developed by Safety Rail Source and Kee Safety. For more information, call 877-723-3766 or visit

Universal Extension Ladder Device

Safe T Climb

Safe T Climb is a completely universal “extension ladder anti-fall device” designed by a roofing contractor. It is designed to work on any ladder and on any roof, flat, pitched, or parapet walls. The kit comes with parapet legs that work on 6-inch to 8-inch walls. Extra reach parapet legs are available to accommodate up to 14-inch walls. The device can be installed in less than a minute to positively prevent the ladder from falling down. Safe T Climb is proudly made in the United States. For more information, call 661-269-8200 or visit

Bifocal Safety Eyewear Line

Gateway Safety

Bifocal safety eyewear is one of the fastest-growing segments in eye protection. And, just as the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always work, neither does the one-diopter-fits-all approach. As a result, Gateway Safety has introduced a 10-unit multi-pack in the StarLite® MAG line, which is Gateway Safety’s most popular and cost-effective bifocal eyewear. Each multi-pack contains two of each diopter: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0, in the clear lens only. For more information, visit

Titan B-Compliant Roof Kits

Miller Fall Protection/Honeywell

Titan B-Compliant Kits provide a complete fall protection solution for roofing applications. The kits simplify product selection by providing all of the components necessary for fall protection safety and to meet federal OSHA compliance. Each kit contains a full-body harness; rope grab with permanently-attached, 3-foot lanyard with shock absorber pack; a high-strength rope lifeline with locking snap hook; and reusable stainless steel roof anchor with D-ring; all contained in a waterproof storage container. For more information, visit

Fall Protection Grating


Bilco’s redesigned fall protection grating provides a permanent means of fall protection for the company’s line of single and double leaf floor access doors and meets OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.23 requirements. The system is constructed of light-weight aluminum grating and stainless steel hardware for corrosion resistance. The grating panel is supplied with a safety yellow powder coat finish, making it more durable, attractive and extremely scratch-resistant. The system also features a stainless steel hold-open device that secures each panel in the full 90 degree position, maximizing the door’s usable access area. For more information, visit

Rake Edge Guardrail

Roof Zone

For use on all rake edges or eaves with 4/12 pitch or less. Designed to be used with the RoofZone 65014 Steep Slope Guardrail. Rake Edge Guardrail fits under shingle tabs for quick positioning and removal. Keyhole nail openings for 16 or 24-inch spacing. Maximum spacing 8 feet apart. Features toe board openings for proper placement and laser cut pre-galvanized 1.5-inch heavy-duty post with self-locking rail brackets. Complies with OSHA standards. For more information, visit

Scaffolding Tags

Master Lock Company

Master Lock Company’s Guardian Extreme™ Scaffolding Tags keep employees safe and meet OSHA signage compliance. Maximize your crew’s production time with three color-coded tags that indicate different stages of safety and withstand the harshest conditions. They offer superior indoor and outdoor performance, are QUV testing-qualified to the equivalent of 10 years of outdoor exposure and exceed OSHA requirements of 50 pounds pull strength. For more information, visit

3-D Aerial Structural Measurements

EagleView Technologies and Pictometry International Corp.

EagleView Technologies and Pictometry International Corp.’s combination of leading technologies offers guaranteed accurate 3-D aerial structural measurements and high-quality aerial imagery and tools that help contractors increase safety by providing a precise assessment of any property or structure. The detailed images allow contractors to evaluate the entire jobsite and effectively plan and implement necessary safety precautions. The reports and images also assist with pinpointing areas where extra safety precautions may be required. For more information, call 866-659-8439 or visit and

Escape Roof Hatch

High Tide Escape Hatch

Introducing the High Tide Escape Hatch (HTEH), a residential emergency attic egress solution for rising water or other emergency situations like Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. Mounted between standard rafters, the patented HTEH becomes the decking – concealing it from outward view as underlayment and shingles are installed directly into the HTEH. It is easy and quick to install, simple to deploy and maintenance free. Roofers/contractors can now add the HTEH as a unique product offering to their roofing packages and as a valuable safety device for homeowners. For more information, visit

Guardrail Systems

Fall Protection Guardrail Systems

The Roofers System’s unique design will let you do a complete roofing job without having to move any guardrail around as work progresses. This premium OSHA compliant guardrail system will help you increase productivity and profitability on any roof project. Your employees will be more efficient in a safer work environment. Because of its versatile design, you will complete more jobs in less time, resulting in big savings. For more information call 800-582-0533 or visit

New and Improved Lanyard

Capital Safety

Capital Safety, home of the DBI-SALA® and PROTECTA® brands of fall protection equipment, introduces the new and improved DBI-SALA® EZ-Stop™ Lanyard. Lighter, stronger and more durable than ever, the EZ-Stop Lanyard is the industry’s first modular lanyard designed with components that can be replaced individually when worn or damaged, rather than having to purchase an entire new unit. It also features the smallest shock pack in the world, as well as the lightest and strongest webbing and steel rebar hooks on the market. For more information, call 800-328-6146 or visit

Steep Slope Guardrail

Tie Down Engineering

RoofZone Steep Slope Guardrail can make your next roofing job easier, safer and less expensive. The guardrail may also be used on rake or open roof edge and features adjustable rail brackets for easy and fast attachment of mid and upper rails. It has a unique one piece design featuring a convenient handle for transporting with extra wing nuts and bolts. For more information, visit

Roofing Boots

Cougar Paws

The Cougar Paws patented line of roofing boots with replaceable pads and accessories offer a unique traction grip technology. It’s the tool you wear when you need protection, performance and peace of mind. The boots work on multiple roof surfaces without damaging the surface or burning your feet on hot summer days. For more information, visit

Under-Eave Guardrail System


The Horizontal Under-eave Guard System (HUGS) is a passive, truss-mounted rooftop fall protection system. The HUGS guardrail system accommodates most wood or metal trusses. The system is easy to install, easy to remove and re-usable. The HUGS guardrail system is attached to roof truss and the rafter rails under the eave of the roof through the use of removable or throw-away brackets. The guardrail system has two-by-fours that are used to fill in as toe board, and two horizontal safety rails. For more information, visit

Guardrail System

Garlock Equipment

Turbo-Rail™ guards leading-edge fall hazards on roofs and elevated decks is quick and easy to deploy — simply clamp brackets onto a parapet wall or slab floor, insert vertical posts, and slide cross rails in place. A single compression bolt secures each bracket and no drilling is required. Clamps adjust from 4 inches to 24 inches in width and the rolling cart holds a complete 320-foot system. For more information, call 763-694-2624 or visit

Perimeter Warning Line Stands

All Seasons Equipment

Folding Perimeter Warning Line Stands are lightweight, portable and compact for storage. The stands come in a set of four with 105 feet of yellow plastic pendants covering 100 linear feet. Each set weights 130 pounds and conforms with OSHA regulation 1926.502. For more information, call 888-308-4763 or visit