This month's issue focuses on safety equipment.

KeeHatch Mightylight

Safety Rail Source

From the inventors of hatch railings comes the ultimate. KeeHatch® Mightylight weighs 35 pounds, has few parts, is made of aluminum, and fast E-Z installation. The product is an “exact fit” for Bilco, Babcock Davis and other hatches. It is developed by Safety Rail Source and Kee Safety. For more information, call 877-723-3766 or

Grizzly Mobile Fall Protection


The Cleasby Grizzly is you complete mobile fall protection cart, providing fall arrest or fall restraint for up to three workers. When utilizing the optional restraint bracket, the Grizzly can accommodate three workers for fall arrest and two workers for fall restraint at the same time. The Grizzly has been evaluated and tested by and independent engineering firm and is in compliance with OSHA regulation 1926.502d. For more information, call 800-279-2025 (San Francisco), 800-525-1399 (Denver), 800-453-2446 (Utah);

Bil-Guard Railing System

The Bilco Company

Bilco’s Bil-Guard is a fixed railing system providing a permanent means of fall protection for hatch openings. Tested and proven to exceed OSHA fall protection regulations, the Bil-Guard mounts directly to the capflashing of any brand of roof hatch. The attachment system features a quick-mount bracket for fast, secure attachment and a pivoting mounting sleeve for added installation flexibility. For more information,

Skylight Fall Protection

Garlock Equipment

Sky-Dome is a freestanding, one-piece system that provides temporary or permanent skylight protection. To use, simply set in place and walk away - no mechanical attachment to the skylight or roof is required. When multiple skylights are being installed, you can easily reposition as work progresses. Design complies with OSHA 1910.23(e)(8). A wide variety of sizes are available, from 2-feet by 2-feet up to 6-feet by 12-feet. Features include all steel construction and a powder coated finish in safety yellow. Custom colors and a galvanized finish are available. BIM objects are available for free download at ARCAT. A patent is pending. For more information, call Garlock Equipment at 800-328-9522 or

Delta Harness

Capital Safety

Capital Safety, home of the DBI-SALA and PROTECTA brands of fall protection equipment, announced the launch of the latest product in the popular Delta harness line from DBI-SALA, which provides premium comfort and ease of use. The newest Delta full-body harness offers industry-first features such as an improved ergonomic fit and feel, lighter-weight buckles and high-strength webbing. The 420-pound capacity harness features a soft, breathable interior and a comfort hip pad to help support the back and hips when carrying a heavy load. For more information, call 800-328-6146 or

Attic Safety Platform

William Frick & Company

William Frick & Company has expanded its line of safety offerings to include the JoistMate attic platform. The attic safety platform secures between either 16-inch (on center) or 24-inch joist spacing to form a solid platform upon which builders, technicians, exterminators and others can traverse wooden attic joists safely. Made of non-conductive, extruded high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the impact-resistant attic platform withstands the temperature extremes of winter and summer. The platform measures 21 by 26 inches and supports up to 700 pounds, yet weighs just 10 pounds. The high-visibility and high-friction striping ensures the technician can readily see the boundaries of the platform even in low-light conditions. For more information, call 847-918-3700 or

3-D Lift-Planning Tool

ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp.

ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp. introduces the newest in its arsenal of lift-planning tools, increasing safety and improving productivity at the same time. The 3D Lift Plan allows the planning of complex, multiple-crane lifts, allowing ALL’s lift-planning experts to find the most economical crane and rigging configurations for a specific pick, plan around obstructions on a jobsite, and view the site from all angles, saving time and increasing efficiency. Most importantly, thorough lift planning improves lift safety by improving foresight and real-time lift accuracy. For more information,

Safety Rail System

Advanced Support Products

Advanced Support Products has designed a patented safety rail system utilized as a stand-alone barricade or joined to form a continuous barricade system. The safety rail can be used by parapet walls, skylights, work platform and other areas where required for safety reasons. While this barricade system can be designed to meet your requirements, it is easily modified when necessary. For more information,

Bifocal Safety Eyewear

Gateway Safety

Gateway Safety offers an even stronger magnification lens option for workers needing bifocal vision correction and eye protection on the job. To meet the needs of a growing aging workforce, the company has added a clear 3.0 diopter lens option to its two bifocal eye protection styles - Scorpion MAG and StarLite MAG. Both are now available in five diopter strengths: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0. Bifocal safety eyewear allows workers needing extra magnification to clearly read instrumentation and documents, work with small parts, or perform other close-at-hand tasks without having to switch between regular safety glasses and reading glasses. For more information,

Full Line of Fall Protection Equipment

Triangle Fastener Corporation

Triangle Fastener Corporation carries a wide selection of contractor supplies designed for the professional contractor. The company stocks a full line of fall protection equipment, specifically for the metal roofing industry. The company can supply all of your jobsite needs with high-quality products from any of our 24 locations. To contact the nearest Triangle Fastener Corporation location, call 800-486-1832, fax 412-321-7838, or

Ladder Stablizer

Tie Down Engineering

The RoofZone Ladder Stabilizer helps prevent costly gutter damage when placed directly on roof. The product may be used with standard extension ladders for greater stability and safety. Assembly required. For more information, call 800-241-1806, ext. 329 or

Guardian Extreme Scaffolding Tags

Master Lock Company

Master Lock Company’s Guardian Extreme™ Scaffolding Tags keep employees safe while maintaining OSHA signage compliance. Long-life tags offer superior indoor and outdoor performance; QUV testing qualified to the equivalent of 10 years outdoor exposure. Reusable – write in permanent marker, remove with alcohol wipe – and eliminate the need for a scaffold tag holder. Optimize your crew’s efforts and maximize production time with colorful tags that stand up to the harshest conditions. For more information,

Roofing Boots

Cougar Paws

Cougar Paws patented roofing boots with replaceable pads and accessories offer a unique traction grip technology. These products will revolutionize the way you work on various roof surfaces and inclines. The tool you wear when you need protection, performance and peace of mind. For more information, call 276-632-3932 or

Fusion Roof Anchor Post

Miller Fall Protection

The new Fusion Roof Anchor Post (RAP) from Miller Fall Protection is a versatile single-point anchor that adapts to a wide range of roof designs. It protects the worker by maintaining a secure connection to the structure in the event of a fall. Quick, easy attachment to the roof surface, the Fusion RAP reduces installation time by more than 50 percent. For more information,