BRYAN, Ohio — ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. U.S., INC. (ABC U.S.) has announced the acquisition of ES Products, a specialty roof fastener company serving the low density, low slope roof deck market for nearly 60 years. The acquisition, effective Dec. 31, 2012, allows ABC U.S. to broaden its TRUFAST roofing fastener offerings and provide a complete line of fastening solutions to the low slope roofing market.

“This gives us a seat at every table,” said Brian Roth, president and CEO of ABC U.S. “What drove the acquisition was ABC U.S.’s need to broaden our product offering – to offer a complete line of fastening solutions to the low slope roofing market. It’s a nice strategic fit.

“We’re proud to maintain and carry forward the excellent ES Products name and reputation,” he added.

Fred Hall, president of ES Products, sees the acquisition as a win-win for both companies, as well as their customers. “This acquisition provides a significant step forward for both companies in terms of product offerings and service,” he said. “Together, we can give our customers the convenience of one-stop shopping for all their fastening requirements.”

Founded in 1953, ES Products specializes in quality fastening systems that minimize installation costs while maximizing productivity. ES Products fasteners offer a quick, secure, cost-effective way to handle base sheet and rigid insulation attachments for lightweight insulating concrete, cementitious wood fiber, poured gypsum and gypsum plank installations. The products are sold primarily in the southeast and southwest portions of the U.S. where wind codes are more stringent.

“These are patented products,” noted Roth. “These are great solutions – quite frankly, the best solutions available for certain applications.”

According to Roth, the ES Products name will be retained by ABC U.S., and products will continue to be manufactured at the company’s Bristol, Rhode Island manufacturing facility in support of ABC U.S.’s commitment to 100 percent domestic manufacturing. ES Products’ sales office in Atlantic Beach, Florida will also be retained. Eventually, the new ES Products line will be integrated into the TRUFAST brand, which includes commercial roofing fasteners and accessories, SIP and nail base panel fasteners, and Dow roofing adhesives and sealants.

“Everyone here at ES Products is very excited about the acquisition,” said Mike Murphy, vice president of Operations for ES Products. “We’re looking forward to growing with the Altenloh Brinck people. Combining our resources with theirs should be a great fit, and both companies should benefit greatly from the acquisition.”

ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. U.S., INC. is part of the ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. Group headquartered in Ennepetal, Germany. Founded in 1823, ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative fastening solutions for both the construction and automotive industries.

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