thermal imager bodyASHEVILLE, N.C. — Wahl Instruments, Inc. announces the premiere of free Thermography training sessions for users of thermal imaging cameras. Thermography instruction, a $495 value – is offered at no cost on a regular basis at our Asheville, N.C. facility. Classes cover the basics of thermography and thermal imaging, including infrared energy, the different types of heat transfer, and emissivity and are available to anyone, whether you own a Heat Spy Thermal Imager or not.

Heat Spy training is designed to help you understand the features you may need to perform thermal inspections for your application. A variety of different scenarios are covered, such as electrical inspections, roof moisture evaluation, residential and commercial energy surveys, insulation moisture detection and more. Wahl Heat Spy Training is scheduled on a monthly basis. Space is limited; contact for details. Thermography training at your site is also available. Wahl Heat Spy Thermal Imaging cameras are offered by Wahl Instruments, Inc. domestic and international distribution network. Training takes place at our Asheville, N.C. facility.

For a list of currently scheduled dates, visit