ST. PAUL, Minn. — 3M Industrial Mineral Products Division has created DREW – a patented granule treatment technology that helps maintain granule color consistency. Now – for the first time in the industry– granule color from the 3M manufacturing facility through shingle manufacture virtually matches the sample board and installation color.

This means better satisfied OEMs, distributors and roofing contractors plus happier homeowners and a significant reduction in color complaints. Tim Worms, National Accounts & Marketing Manager, points out: “DREW ensures that roofing contractors can now spend more time productively installing new roofs . . . not handling expensive call backs.”

Furthermore, DREW granule treatment technology helps reduce the potential for unsightly shingle staining caused by asphalt leaching when shingles are stored in the bundles for long periods and in extreme heat conditions, significantly reducing yet another cause that contractors receive unproductive call backs from unhappy homeowners.

Shingle manufacturers can be assured that 3M granules incorporating the breakthrough DREW granule treatment technology will process commensurate with the high quality they have come to expect from 3M Industrial Mineral Products Division. 3M innovates the asphalt shingle industry, again.

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