Vegetated Membrane Roof Systemgarden


The GAF GardenScapes™ vegetated membrane roof system is a cost-effective, energy efficient alternative to traditional low-slope roofing products. Available for residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial buildings, GardenScapes vegetated membrane roof systems serve as natural, eco-friendly roof insulation, reducing heat transfer and helping to lessen energy consumption and its associated costs. The system’s insulating properties also help to lower the surface temperature of the roofing membrane, which allows it to last twice as long as traditional low-slope roof systems. For more information, visit


garden1Drainage and Water Retention Layers

Colbond, Inc.

Enkadrain®, Enka®Retain & Drain, and Enkadrain®/W are recycled polymer building products contributing to LEED points. Extremely durable but lightweight and flexible, Enkadrain mats provide increased, continuous flow rates and can include a geocomposite fabric bonded to one or both sides. EnkaRetain & Drain adds a water retention fabric designed to hold 15X its unit weight. Enkadrain/W’s thin, white composite U-groove boasts equal drainage rates, reflects heat during construction, and is UV degradation protected. For more information, visit


Vegetated Sedum Tilesgarden2

Carlisle SynTec

Carlisle’s Vegetated Sedum Tiles are the fastest and easiest way to provide full vegetative roof garden coverage to a facility’s rooftop on the day of installation, according to the company. The instantaneous coverage requires no wait for plants to “grow in,” simplifying roof garden installation and eliminating the need for maintenance. Over 12 different varieties of sedum can be used, with four engineered mixtures available, offering the greatest variety in rooftop coverage. The tiles, 10 inches wide by 20.2 inches long, are shipped in a way that encourages air circulation, preventing damage and mold. For more information, visit


garden3Green Roof System

Advanced Green Architecture

Advanced Green Roof™ (AGR) is the most innovative and versatile product being offered in the green roof market today, according to the company. AGR’s drainage layer includes an integrated, sub-surface irrigation channel which uses subterranean drip lines to supply water to capillary irrigation mats which are placed in the bottom of the drainage layer. AGR is also the only product that offers pre-grown or plant-in-place systems within the same modular drainage layer. Advanced Green Roof’s unique collection of system components gives it the versatility to meet any type of specification for extensive, semi-intensive and intensive green roofs. For more information, visit


Eco-Friendly Vegetative Roof Systemgarden4


Garland’s next-generation GreenShield® Module vegetative roof systems offer the versatility and convenience of modularized vegetative containers. Taking advantage of special lightweight soils and plant materials, these industrial-strength modules can be readily rearranged or removed, providing considerable aesthetic flexibility, as well as ready access to the underlying roofing for maintenance. The modules are specifically designed to facilitate irrigation and drainage and can be landscaped with flourishing vegetation in advance of roof installation. For more information, call 800-321-9336 or visit


garden5Garden Roof

American Hydrotech

American Hydrotech’s Garden Roof® allows the design professional to transform virtually any flat or sloped roof into a landscaped environment. Designed as a lightweight, low profile system, the Garden Roof® assembly can be safely installed on roof and plaza decks not engineered to handle the heavy load requirements of a traditional green roof. And because the assembly incorporates Hydrotech’s Monolithic Membrane 6125®, a proven roofing/waterproofing membrane, the building owner can be assured of a water-tight structure. For more information, visit


Dedicated Waterproofing Membranes for Vegetated Roofsgarden6

Sika Sarnafil

Sika Sarnafil’s G476 thermoplastic waterproofing membrane is specially designed for sub-grade environments and is compounded to remain watertight in extreme conditions, including constant dampness, ponding water, high and low alkaline conditions, and exposure to plant roots, fungi and bacterial organisms. These membranes are highly puncture-resistant, long-lasting, and are hot-air welded together to become one monolithic layer of material. For more information, call 800-576-2358 or visit


garden7Vegetative Roof System

Firestone Building Products

Firestone Building Products combines the science of horticulture with storm water management and roofing to provide a wide range of vegetative roof options to meet specific needs, building location and budgets with the SkyScape Vegetative Roof System. A SkyScape System provides multiple benefits such as year round energy savings, extending the life of the roof membrane, increasing real estate value while simultaneously improving water and air quality. For more information, visit


Planted Wall Systemgarden8


Hortech Inc. announced the introduction of LiveWall®, the planted wall system that transforms ordinary walls into vertical green landscapes. LiveWall is engineered to be attractive, simple to install, easy to maintain and change, and healthy for plants. The wall system’s WallTer® planter modules slide into the revolutionary RainRail® mounting tracks, which secure them in place and include hidden conduits and built-in nozzles for integrated mist irrigation. The WallTers, manufactured in recycled architectural grade plastic, are six inches deep and five inches wide and come in 8-inch and 16-inch lengths. For more information, visit