LANCASTER, Pa. — Fabral was recently awarded Florida Product Approval for multiple products that can be specified for wall and roof applications. The Florida Building Commission, which is responsible for the adherence to the Florida Building Code, has approved the following architectural and light gauge products:

• Mechanically Standing Seam Panels: Stand ‘N Seam®, PowerSeam® and T-Rib.

• Standing Seam Panels: Slim Seam®, Thin Seam, Snap-on-Seam, 1 ½” SSR® and Climaguard.

• Exposed Fastener Panels: Hefti-Rib®, Mighti-Rib®, 5-V Crimp, Grandrib 3®, MP Panel, Grandbeam® and Ultra Rib®.

 “This certification speaks volumes of Fabral’s product capabilities,” said Dave Brown, director of new product development. “Our products are designed to last with the utmost consideration to design, easy maintenance and durability. With this approval, our customers are assured that our products are ideal for even the most extreme environments in the United States and can be held up to one of the most stringent building codes in the country.”

The Florida Building Code was authorized by the 1998 Florida Legislature to be the sole document incorporating all building standards adopted by all enforcement agencies and state agencies that license different types of facilities. It serves as an integrated approach to improving the safety and efficacy of the built environment in Florida. Once a product, method or system has received approval, it can be used statewide as appropriate without further evaluation.

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