WESTMINSTER, Colo. — Today many roofing contractors lack the technology to pull the various forms of software together that they use, such as QuickBooks, aerial CAD measurements, software to interface with and query the customer database, word processing, estimating and project management. 3C Network, a full-service technology and business solutions provider supporting roofing contractors, has integrated the spectrum of roofing technologies into a “3C Hub” to create a seamless user interface that bolsters contractors’ speed, accuracy and results.

Contractors can now go from inspection and estimating to ordering/scheduling materials, managing margins and billing using the 3C Hub interface. Additionally, 3C Hub has options to order 3C Network- backed limited warranties, online training and safety equipment.

3C Hub was designed with a private, cloud-based interface optimized for use in the field or the office, or with tablets and smart phones. Integrated data is stored in the cloud and not tied to a single laptop, iPad or smart phone.

Busy contractors will welcome the ability to use their mobile devices to collect on-site information and photos, consume aerial CAD measurements and interact with a rules engine to check for local codes, regulations and insurance requirements. With comprehensive data at their fingertips, contractors can reduce or eliminate unnecessary insurance supplements.

“We made 3C Hub available to contractor members of 3C Network to access the full range of products and services, which are also available in menu form to non-members who are seeking specific individual services,” said L.C. Nussbeck, CEO of 3C Network. “Our mission is to raise sales and production standards in the roofing industry, and strengthen the levels of communication and trust with insurance companies and consumers, so that everyone wins.”

For more information, visit www.3C.com.