A cooperative is one way for independent business owners — the backbone of Main Street — to prosper and effectively meet the challenge of chain store and bigcasse22 box competition. In the United States there are nearly 30,000 cooperatives that operate 73,000 businesses. These cooperatives own more than $3 trillion in assets, and generate over $500 billion in revenue, $25 billion in wages and benefits, and nearly one million jobs.

Thirteen years ago a group of roofing distribution owners had an idea. They knew that if they wanted to continue to find success in their marketplace they would have to work together. That is when the NEMEON cooperative was formed. The goal: to allow the small independently owned distributor the opportunity to continue being just that independent. NEMEON’S vision is to deliver “Pride and Prosperity through Unity, Value, Partnership and Size.”

Since then NEMEON has grown to more than 180 locally owned independent roofing and siding distributors with over 500 locations nation-wide. Working through a cooperative effort gives the membership a national presence with the manufacturing community yet retains all the advantages of local ownership. Through this partnership they are able to offer quality products, fair pricing, superior service and a first rate reputation. The NEMEON Distributor is more than a supplier, they are your partner. Their goal is to help their customers be successful and operate their independent company in the exact same way: Quality products, fair pricing, superior service and a first rate reputation. They believe in owner to owner relationships and support the “buy local” efforts of their communities.

When you support a locally owned company:

• Profits remain local and are invested in the community rather than foreign countries or different states. This re-investment benefits surrounding businesses and the community.

• Local businesses support local charities, events, teams, churches, and organizations; owners, managers and employees are integral to and contribute to the community because they are part of it.

• Local businesses offer choices that chain or national companies don’t: they tailor their inventories and services to meet the specific needs of the local community which results in better service and quality to customers.

• Independent businesses are owned by people who live in the community and are committed to investing in it. Local business owners are much more accessible then executives of large corporations.

• Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally and in the community provide the most jobs to its residents.

casse23NEMEON Distributors offer a line of complementary roofing and siding products under the LionGuard brand name. Through partnering with the industries top manufacturers, the cooperative will continue to develop and deliver the very best professional grade products at a fair price. LionGUARD products are available exclusively through NEMEON distributors.

 To learn more about your local NEMEON Distributor and LionGuard products, please visit our website at www.nemeon.com