TORONTO — North American residential roofing pioneer IKO announced today that it will be collaborating with Aerialogics, a provider of aerial measurement services. The new partnership is expected to carry added program benefits for IKO’s ShieldPro plus+™ and SHIELD Roofing Program participants.

Aerialogics provides cutting-edge aerial measurement reports that offer contractors a detailed, accurate breakdown of the roof, including measurement diagrams, color photos and a waste factor chart. The use of Aerialogics’ reports gives contractors a critical competitive edge in getting timely and accurate measurements, determining material needs, planning manpower and reduces downtime due to materials shortfalls. The use of their reports leads to faster, more accurate estimates, a more professional presentation to and more face time with homeowners and building owners — all of which can lead to higher closing ratios for contractors.

“We’re tremendously excited to offer the benefits of Aerialogics’ aerial measurement technology to our ShieldPro plus+ certified contractors,” noted IKO’s Marketing Director, Carol Perkins. “For our ShieldPro plus+™ and SHIELD Roofing Program roofers, the customized package of Aerialogics’ reports will make their business more efficient and effective, and ultimately more competitive when quoting on reroofing jobs.”

“We appreciate that IKO has a long history of leadership and innovation in the roofing industry, just as Aerialogics is a leader and innovator in our own field,” stated Aerialogics President, Brad Segal. “We think this association will be mutually beneficial, not just for IKO and Aerialogics, but for IKO’s Shield contractors as well.”

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