TRPneumatic Nailer

National Nail Corp.

The STINGER CN100 is designed for securing synthetic underlayments, roofing felt and housewrap, and is the first STINGER pneumatic nailer from National Nail Corp. Key features include tool-free depth adjustment and an integrated switch for sequential/bumpfire capability. This system passes 2012 ICC Building Codes. For more information, call 800-968-6245 or visit




Shingle Removal ToolTR2

Rapid Roof Remover

The Rapid Roof Remover is a lightweight, pneumatic tool for shingle removal as well as removal of various types of flooring. This patented, American-Made machine, with its 30-inch heat treated tear-off blade is powerful enough to remove up to five layers of shingles with fasteners in a single pass, greatly increasing productivity with less physical effort and manpower. For more information call 740-505-9295 or visit




TR3Air Compressors

Jenny Products, Inc.

Jenny Products offers its wheeled-portable G-Series air compressors with electric power. The compressors are available in eight different models to accommodate many needs. They are offered with 8-, 15-, 17- and 30-gallon air tanks, and they come with either 3- or 5-horsepower motors. They are built with heavy-duty cast-iron compressor pumps and powder-coated air tanks. They also contain directional air shrouds and large flywheels for enhanced pump cooling and easy start-up. For more information, call 814-445-3400, or visit



Automatic WelderTR4


Hapco is proud to offer the BAK RoofOn. The RoofOn is suitable for welding parapets, flashing, overlap seams and all those hard to reach areas of the roof. It Weighs 31 pounds, with welding temperatures up to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit and speeds of up to 12 feet/minute. It is available in either 120 or 230 volt, both with a standard 40 mm nozzle. For more information, call 800-345-9353 or visit



TR5Roofing Stapler


Senco Brands’ WC150RXP pneumatic roofing stapler is designed to drive 16 gauge, 1 inch crown, 5/8inch to 11/2inch (16 mm-38 mm) galvanized staples. The tool’s robust firing valve makes it fast, powerful, efficient and easy to maintain. A unique, adjustable, positive-locking depth-of-drive feature ensures consistently flush drives and helps prevent over-drives. Multiple carbide wear plates protect against shingle damage, and a radically tapered body provides a better line of sight for more accurate shots. For more information, visit




Roof Hatch RailTR6

Safety Rail Source

The new KeeHatch Mightylight roof hatch rail is an “exact fit” for several manufacturers’ hatches. It’s made of aluminum and weighs only 35 pounds, has few parts and can be easily and quickly installed by one person with the fastclip installation process. It meets all OSHA Standards and compliance codes. This product was developed by the inventors of hatch railings, Safety Rail Source and Kee Safety. For more information, call 877-723-3766 or visit




TR7Guardrail System

Tie Down Engineering

The guardrail system for parapet walls and floor slabs by Tie Down Engineering is adjustable and easy to use. Unique tubular design allows for easier placement and installation. Adjustable rail brackets for easy and fast attachment of two-by-fours. By inverting the compression base, you can use as a universal guardrail for exposed floors, walkways, and decks. It has a maximum spacing of 8 feet and complies to OSHA standards. For more information, visit




Mini Skid Steer LoaderTR8

Grizzly Equipment

Grizzly Equipment introduces the G41, a light mini skid steer loader. With its 20HP Kohler engine and 4-wheel hydraulic motors, the G41 can lift, dig and perform roof tear offs. Safety is enhanced by placing the operator on a platform at the back, allowing him to step-off in case of an emergency. For more information, call 888-325-9953 or visit




TR9Heating Belt for LPG Cylinders

Catalyst Quality, LLC

With the VaporBooster heating belt you can maintain top-level productivity with a powerful flame all the way to the bottom of the tank. It is specifically designed for the most common vertical cylinders. Made of silicone it is UV stable, non-flammable and waterproof. An expandable bungee strap secures it to the cylinder and it automatically maintains the optimum temperature and features a double safety barrier. For more information, visit




Insulation KnifeTR10

Everhard Products

The MK46000 Long Cut® Insulation Knife from Everhard Products has a three-sided, beveled cutting edge, now with a longer blade. The 35/8inch blade lets you cut through thicker insulation. The high carbon, spring-steel blade is hardened and tempered for strength, so the blade stays rigid, but flexible enough not to break. Everhard’s new DM90070 sheath has recently been specifically designed for the knife and holds it securely while still allowing easy access. For more information, call 800-298-2832.




TR11Reusable Swiveling Roof Anchor

Capital Safety

Capital Safety introduces the Protecta™ PRO™ Metal/Wood Swiveling Roof Anchor, a removable and reusable anchor designed for use on residential and commercial wood or metal frame structures. The anchorage connector features a 360 degree swiveling head for unrestricted rotation and movement, a universal bracket to accommodate almost any SRL on the market, and a portable and reusable design for added versatility. It can be used on both flat or sloped wood and metal decking, and meets all the latest OSHA and ANSI standards. For more information, visit



Sheet Metal BrakeTR12

Tapco Integrated Tool Systems

Tapco’s new PRO50™ Brake provides easier bending, safer cutting, faster slitting, and near-effortless roll forming for standout trim aesthetics. It is able to fabricate pieces with an exacting fit for functional, home-protecting performance and a fine finish. For more information, visit



TR13Magazine Stapler


Spotnails introduces the BSA1116AF auto fire, long magazine stapler. It is ideal for upholstery and roofing felt. This tool features a double length magazine which holds 168 staples and drives .050 gauge 3/8inch crown staples from 1/4inch to 9/16inch in length. It also has a fully automatic trigger with speed control and rear exhaust. The BSA1116AF uses the A-11/T-50 series staples. For more information, call 800-873-2239 or visit




Fastening Systems GuideTR14

Triangle Fastener

Triangle Fastener Corp. supplies a full line of power tools for drilling, sawing and cutting metal, wood, drywall, and concrete. In addition, a full line of power tool accessories are also available, including, drill bits, abrasives, carbide, extension cords, sockets and insert bits. The company also provides a wide range of specialty hand tools for steel fabrication. Jobsite support and training programs are available from all 24 locations to assure proper tool use. For more information, visit



TR15Bending Tools

AMSI Supply

AMSI is proud to present the newest member of the WUKO family of bending tools, the W5000 Combo Bender. The W5000 allows field forming of offset flanges and pencil ribs on both straight and curved sheet metal shapes With a working capacity of 0.031 inch, the W5000 works on all common roofing materials, including copper, steel and aluminum. For more information, call 800-943-9771 or visit




Installation System ToolTR16

SFS Intec

The isofast® system installation tool from SFS intec enables workers to attach insulation and membrane three times faster compared to conventional methods, according to the company. The installer stands upright, rolls the machine to the desired location and simply pushes down on a T-bar, which automatically feeds a belted screw through a stress plate and installs it into the deck. For more information, visit




TR17Mobile Anchorage Cart

Garlock Equipment

The COBRA LIFELINK ™ mobile anchorage cart provides OSHA compliant fall arrest for three workers and fall restraint for two more, simultaneously. No anchorage to the substrate is required. System works on a variety of substrates, including: BUR, PVC/TPO/EPDM adhered membranes, 20- to 22-gauge metal decks, adhered plywood, ISO/EPS insulation board and 4,000 psi lightweight concrete. For more information, call 800-328-9522 or visit




Dump BoxTR18


The Boxhaul Dump Box does not need hydraulics, weighs only 580 pounds and is rated up to 6,600 pounds. It boasts a huge capacity of more than 5.2 cubic yards. It has a 3/16-inch aluminum wall construction and 3/16-inch bottom. It has a unique self-dumping design and can be operated by just the crane operator instead of having a man on the ground for unhooking. For more information, call 612-702-5392 or visit




TR19Safety Post


Bilco’s LadderUP® Safety Post is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use extension device for fixed ladders, allowing workers safe entrance and egress from roof hatches, manholes or floor, vault and sidewalk doors. The spring-balanced LadderUP features rugged tubular construction and permanently mounts on the top two rungs of any fixed ladder, providing workers with a positive hand-hold and enabling them to enter or exit an opening in an upright and balanced position. A handy release lever allows the LadderUP to be lowered to its retracted position. For more information, call 800-366-6530 or visit



Portable Soldering IronTR20

Sievert Industries

The new PSI3380 has been specially designed with an automatic piezo ignition button, and the ability to operate at any angle for quick, easy completion of sheet metal work. The ergonomic design makes the soldering iron comfortable to handle. The soldering iron features simple one-hand operation, and offers precise flame adjustment that is windproof. For more information, call 815-639-1319, or visit




TR21Drivable Debris Container


A self-propelled, drivable and compact debris container, the Equipter RB4000 streamlines shingle removal and job site cleanup. With more time to focus on installation, profits increase as more jobs are completed with fewer employees. The RB4000 minimizes landscape destruction and keeps lawns cleaner, a great sales tool to close bids and increase referrals. For more information, call 855-378-4783 or visit





Power ShearsTR22

Malco Products

Malco Products has introduced two power shears specialized for cutting asphalt shingles, a TurboShear accessory for electric drills, and a high-speed, air-powered TurboShear. The model TSS1 Turboshear drill accessory option instantly transforms your existing electric power drill into a shingle-cutting power shear. Both shingle-cutting TurboShear models use the same heat-treated carbon steel blades with solid carbide inserts. A wide jaw opening accommodates multiple layers of asphalt shingles. For more information, visit



TR23Super Slitter


This heavy duty ‘pull through’ type slitter was designed for use by roofers and sheet metal contractors. It has a rugged frame for years of solid, accurate slitting and a gear and chain drive with safety guard. For more information call 800-387-2873 or visit





Thermal ImagersTR24

Fluke Corp.

Fluke Corp. introduces five new thermal imagers with a broad range of powerful capabilities that are so easy to use they can become a regular part of troubleshooting and diagnostic routines. The Fluke® Ti110 and Ti125 are for industrial applications; the TiR110 and TiR125 are for building diagnostics applications; and the Ti100 is for general use. It can record focus-free video in visible light and infrared with full IR-Fusion capabilities. For more information, visit




TR25Profile Shears

Kett Tool Company

The KD-446 profile shears are a great tool to have on hand during building, remodeling and roofing projects. The KD-446 can be used to hole cut or shape metal for duct, pipe or fittings. The KD-446 is powered by Kett’s 120 volt, 5.0 amp, 2500 RPM motor with an aluminum shear head. Either left or right hand cutting sets are available. For more information, visit




Impact Drivers and WrenchesTR26


Hilti announces the first family of impact drivers and wrenches with high efficiency brushless motors—the Hilti SID 18-A CPC Compact Impact Driver, SIW 18-A 1/2inch Compact Impact Wrench, SIW 18-A 3/8inch CPC Compact Wrench and the high-capacity versions SID 18-A CPC Impact Driver, SIW 18-A 1/2inch Impact Wrench, and the SIW 18-A 3/8 inch CPC Impact Wrench. All of these new impact tools feature a highly efficient hammering mechanism that delivers more work per charge. For more information visit




TR27Warning Line System

Quicksilver Engineering

The SpeedStand warning line system makes protecting workers from falls quick and easy. The compact, one-piece stand transports easily and sets up instantly. The durable steel stands are spaced 40 feet apart and meet OSHA requirements. There is also a model for use on standing seam metal roofs. For more information, call 800-460-7579 or visit




Mops and Applicator BrushesTR28

Kirby Fiberglass

Made from recycled fiberglass filaments, Kirby mops are heat resistant and reusable. The unique design and twisted yarn provide durability, maximum pick up and uniform coverage of asphalt for multiple days. The new Royal Kirby Applicator has an improved application of elastomeric and aluminum coatings, primers, emulsions, hot rubber waterproofing and more. For more information, visit




TR29Fall Protection System

AES Raptor, LLC

AES Raptor, LLC announces the release of their newest line of Temporary Railing to the line of fall protection products they provide. The All-In-One Railing system (AN1) easily clamps to parapet walls, fastens to flat/low edges, or clamps to a concrete slab or overhang. The Rail heights are fully adjustable to ensure the OSHA required rail heights are met. It is available in 200 and 400 foot kits providing compact storage and a transportation crate for easy movement and hoisting. For more information, visit




Air Membrane CutterTR30


The Roofmax Cobalt Runner, from Lexcor, is a semi-automatic air membrane cutter used to cut all types of SBS and APP membranes, asphaltic panels from 1/8inch to 1/4inch thick, shingles and several other types of material up to 1/4inch thick. It provides straight and precise cuts, is portable, and comes with a durable cobalt blade and integrated square with measuring tape. It is safe, as well as increases productivity at the warehouse and on the jobsite, according to the company. For more information, visit




Safety Hoist Company

The Safety Hoist Company has been producing hoists for the roofing industry for almost 40 years. The company has three models from 200 pounds to 400 pounds capacity. The hoists are light weight and very mobile but tough enough to last for many years. The hoists all start at lengths of 27 feet going up to 44 feet. Several accessories are offered that bolt on for lifting gravel, solar panels, plywood sheets and skylights. For more information, visit




Seam RollerTR32


Roofmaster’s newly designed 25 pound seam roller (PN 774040) delivers 25 pounds of weight in a 4-inch steel roller to produce consistent lap adhesion for an acceptable bleed out. This lap seamer meets manufacturers’ specifications for pressure rolling laps. Pressure rolled laps are three times stronger than other methods. The ergonomic design of an angled handle enables easy rolling while walking behind (not over) the lap to apply pressure, eliminating any rippling of the material. For more information, visit



TR33Fall Protection Kit

Miller Fall Protection

Titan B-Compliant Kits from Miller Fall Protection / Honeywell simplify product selection and provide a complete fall protection solution for roofing applications. Each kit contains a full-body harness, rope grab with permanently-attached lanyard with shock absorber pack, rope lifeline with locking snap hook, reusable stainless steel roof anchor with D-ring and waterproof storage container. Kits meet federal OSHA compliance. For more information, visit




Hot Air WeldersTR34

Sinclair Equipment Company

For the hot air welding of single-ply roofing membrane, Sinclair Equipment Company manufactures the Aero & 110v Walkable Hot Air Welders. Made in the USA, the Aero offers higher welding speeds, clear visibility to welding parameters, and is simple to repair. The Walkable is an economical entry level welder which provides better consistency and operation compared to hand welders. Where larger welders need a generator to power, the Walkable is easy to source on the jobsite (110 volts). For more information, visit



ariel3-D Aerial Roof

Measurement Reports


EagleView® Technologies’ 3-D aerial roof measurement reports improve safety, increase profits and reduce stress. The company’s patented process provides contractors with the most accurate roof measurement reports and assists throughout the entire roofing lifecycle: from the first call to the sales presentation through accurate ordering of materials to the final job closing and warranty packet. For more information, call 866-659-8439 or visit



omgInsulation and Membrane Attachment System

OMG Roofing Products

OMG Roofing Products’ RhinoBond system offers a non-penetrating mechanical fastening solution that provides improved wind performance while virtually eliminating flutter. It is an alternative insulation and membrane attachment system that uses the same fastener and plate to secure membrane and insulation without penetrating the roofing material. The result is a Factory Mutual approved system that does not create any potential point of entry for moisture, requires fewer fasteners and seams, and provides superior wind-uplift performance. For more information, visit



tr46Roofing Nailer


RIDGID® introduces its new 13/4-inch Roofing Nailer with Full Strike Drive System Technology. Full Strike was designed to utilize maximum air power in every strike, by eliminating the resistance created by a return chamber. The clear view magazine cover makes your nail supply completely visible and the magnetic nail holder prevents the last nail from dropping out. The Hex Grip™ micro texture provides optimum grip and comfort. For more information, visit




Adhesive Applicatortr47

ADCO Roofing Products

ADCO Roofing Products is pleased to announce that five new features have been added to the Patented One StepTM Multi-Bead Plus Applicator. New features include rear wheels that swivel 3600 providing enhanced maneuverability; directional guides assist in applying straighter adhesive beads; a repositioned battery box offers easier access; top mounted lifting hooks assist in getting the applicator to the roof deck quick and easy; and lifting pockets facilitate convenient loading and unloading of the applicator. For more information, call 800-248-4010.




tr45Standing-Seam Metal Roofing Tool

Simpson Strong-Tie

The Quik Drive® PROPP150 auto-feed screw driving system by Simpson Strong-Tie is designed to quickly fasten standing-seam metal roofing. The PROPP150 tool features the patent-pending Precision Placement™ nosepiece that enables fast, precise placement of collated screws in standing-seam panel clips. It is also ideal for fastening panel flanges for snap-and-seam metal roofing, or trim and drip edge to standing-seam panels. For more information, call 800-999-5099 or visit



Safety Guardrail Systemtr49

Protective Roofing Products

 The PR100 safety guardrail system for flat roofs is comprised of a stanchion and three separate mounting brackets to fit different applications. It will allow man and equipment to work up to the edge. The standard bracket is the compression bracket, which will clamp to a parapet up to 14 inches wide. If the parapet is wider we can provide extensions to fit any width. The system does not have to be dismantled to install flashing and coping. For more information, call 800-560-3093 or visit