AGAWAM, Mass. At this year’s International Roofing Expo, OMG Roofing Products once again held a silent auction for custom painted productivity tools – a PaceCart2, a RhinoBond Induction Welder and an AccuTrac tool – to raise funds for charity. Proceeds from the event are earmarked to support the Heroes at Home, through NRCA’s involvement with Rebuilding Together.

The three tools were auctioned separately. Each was painted camouflage and included the Heroes at Home logo, and all are fully-functioning one-of-a-kind tools created specifically for the IRE auction.

The PaceCart2 is OMG’s patented application tool for applying OlyBond500 and OlyBond500 Green Insulation Adhesives. It is capable of dispensing enough OlyBond500 to cover 60 squares in an hour. The RhinoBond tool is OMG’s proprietary induction welding tool for RhinoBond applications, and the AccuTrac is OMG’s stand-up tool for mechanically attaching insulation.

 “Last year we auctioned off a Retro PaceCart2 during the show,” said Sam Everett, director of marketing for OMG Roofing Products. “The concept was well received so we expanded it this year to create a broader opportunity to give back to our industry in a fun and memorable way. We want to sincerely thank all of the individuals and companies who participated in this year’s auction, and we especially want thank the winners for their generosity and support.”

“These camouflaged tools are really great looking,” said Jim Mullins of ProFast in Essington, Penn, high bidder for the PaceCart2. “Not only did we want to give back to the industry by supporting this great cause, but also having a one-of-a kind cart to put on display in our shop was very appealing.”

The winning bids were as follows: the PaceCart2 bid from Jim and Brad Mullins of ProFast, Inc. for $5,500. The RhinoBond bid was from Jason Stanley, CEO of IB Roof Systems, for $5,250 and the AccuTrac bid was from John Hostetter, president of Progressive Roofing, Haverhill, Mass. for $1,500.

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