BEACHWOOD, Ohio – Reflecting its commitment to providing sustainable roofing and building envelope solutions, Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance is proud to provide meltable plastic wraps as part of its hot-applied roofing adhesive line. The new sustainable offering is called Premium III and Premium IV Pak-Free Asphalt.

“We are very pleased to add Premium III and Premium IV Pak-Free Asphalt to our product line,” said Kurt Sosinski, director of Product Management for the company. “Until now, roofing asphalt has been packaged in cardboard kegs, which can be cumbersome to handle and are sent to landfills when empty. Wrapping 50-pound blocks of our Premium III and Premium IV asphalt in meltable polyethylene eliminates the kegs.”

“The melt packs are simply added to the hot kettle when loading it. While the polyethylene wrapping has no effect on the asphalt, this new packaging benefits the contractor and building owner by reducing trash on the job site as well as reducing the amount of labor involved in handling asphalt. In addition, a compatible odor neutralizer is blended into each melt pack, minimizing the asphalt smell to reduce possible disruption to building occupants during a roofing project that uses hot-melt asphalt.”

In order to ensure that the new sustainable packaging can be delivered without incurring excessive shipping costs or use of fossil fuel, the products are currently available only from the East Coast to the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains.

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