SPRING LAKE, Mich. and RINER, Va. — LiveRoof®, LLC and Riverbend Nursery, Inc., announced that the LiveRoof Hybrid Green Roof System has been chosen for five new green roof projects in North Carolina. The new LiveRoof installations include:

- Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools, Career Tech Center,3,000 square feet

- Walkertown Middle/High School, Walkertown, N.C., 3,200 square feet

- University of North Carolina, Pembroke, N.C., 6,660 square feet

- Buffaloe Road Aquatic Center, Raleigh, N.C., 7,510 square feet

- City of Greensboro, Transit Authority Maintenance/Operations Facility and Administrative Offices, Greensboro, N.C., 16,700 square feet

“North Carolina is one of our fast-growing markets as more organizations come to recognize the valuable benefits of vegetated roofs,” said Janie Schepker, Riverbend’s LiveRoof area manager for North Carolina. “Effective storm water management reduced cooling costs in summer, and longer service life for structural roof components are among the most significant benefits driving growing demand for green roofs in the region.”

“Our green roof customers understand the advantages LiveRoof offers because it is the system that establishes a green roof as a naturally functioning ecosystem,” said Jim Snyder,co-owner and president, Riverbend Nursery, Inc. “A healthy environment for plants means a green roof that requires very little maintenance.”

On the day of installation, the LiveRoofHybrid Green Roof System isdelivered to project sites with modules full of regionally adapted and locally grown plants that are mature, thriving and ready for the rooftop. LiveRoof modules are engineered to connect the soil between and above all modules across the entire rooftop to create a cohesive ecosystem. The natural function of a unified ecosystem provides reliable results, sustainable growth and trouble-free maintenance.

“Understanding local climates and plant biology is vital for selecting the optimal plants for any green roof project,” said Dave Mackenzie, horticulturalist and president, LiveRoof, LLC. “That’s why LiveRoof invites select local wholesale nurseries like Riverbend into our exclusive LiveRoof national network of regional growers.”

For more information, visit www.liveroof.com/ or www.riverbendnursery.com.