Photovoltaic Panel Program bodyMetal Sales introduces a new photovoltaic (PV) panel program. Metal Sales Solar Roofing Solutions adds Solar Flare (crystalline panels) and Solar Flex (thin film panels) to its sustainable product line. Both products can be used on new or existing roofs, and each provides distinct advantages. Solar Flare is a rigid crystalline panel that provides high energy efficiency per area and is mounted to standing seam panel ribs. Solar Flex, a flexible thin film with adhesive backing, attaches to the flat pan of the roof panel. It has a low profile and handles shading and ambient light exceptionally well. Additionally, the Metal Sales PV program offers three power options: MicroPower Kit, PowerChoice, and PowerPlus+. In addition to the inherent sustainability and economic benefits of pairing PV systems with metal roofing, customers will also be eligible for ENERGY STAR® federal tax credits. For more information, visit