ST. LOUIS— AGC Contracting, LLC announced it will now do business as Olneya Restoration Group.

Company officials said the name Olneya was chosen because the name symbolizes who the company is and the values it stands for in business practices. They explained that Olneya is the genus of the Desert Ironwood tree. The Ironwood grows in the Sonoran Desert and is known as the “nurse tree.” It creates a special habitat that is crucial to the survival of hundreds of species of desert wildlife, animal and plant alike, enabling life in the desert to flourish.

Olneya President and CEO Crystal Anderson said this is similar to the way in which Olneya Restoration Group views its services to the public. “The name change will help us be recognized as an individual and unique company,” Anderson said. “It will help us grow as a leader in the industry.”

The name change does not reflect any change in ownership for AGC. Olneya Restoration Group remains locally owned and operated out of the St. Louis area as AGC has been since 2007. For more information, visit