This month's issue focuses on Metal Tools & Accessories.

High-Tech Rollformer


MetalForming’s Schlebach Quadro Cinco (Computer Integrated Notching Cutting Operation) is the world’s first rollformer that can digitally fabricate a finished cut-up metal roof direct from a BIM (Building Information Modeling) file. Take data from 3-D design software and upload to the Cinco control, then automatically notch and angle cut finished panels for final installation. Control each step of the production process and mechanically produce flawless panels to exact “as built” specifications - all while saving up to 30 percent in the process. The Quadro Cinco is the fastest, most flexible, most fully featured high-tech rollformer in the industry. For more information, call 770-631-0002 or

Insulated Metal Panel


The HPCI Barrier insulated metal panel is a single air, water, thermal and vapor barrier panel that can be used behind any type of facade. Metl-Span’s newest product economically provides a high level of performance. The panel is quick and easy to install eliminating multiple work crews and deliveries of varied materials necessary with traditional multiple component barriers. The panel is installed outside the structural supports, and there are no thermal bridges to reduce the energy efficiency of the wall.

For more information about the HPCI Barrier panel, call 877-585-9969 or

Tile and Metal Self-Adhered Underlayment

Henry Company

Henry Company is offering Blueskin Roof Tile & Metal self-adhered roofing underlayment. An extension of Henry’s extensive line of roofing underlayments, Blueskin Roof Tile & Metal is engineered for sloped roofing systems. It features outstanding high-temperature performance, best-in-class adhesion, a slip-resistant top film surface and a selvage edge for a watertight seal. The underlayment features 40 mils of premium waterproofing compound, is self-gasketing around fasteners and features a split-back polymer release liner for fast, easy installation. For more information, call 800-486-1278 or

Premium Metal Sealant

Triangle Fastener Corporation

Triangle Fastener Corporation has introduced the ULTRA 1000™ Premium Sealant for Metal to their line of TFC SPECIFIC™ products. ULTRA 1000™ Sealant has been specially formulated to produce superior adhesion to metals, coated metals, wood, masonry, PVC and most common construction materials. Its proprietary chemistry produces superior adhesion, flexibility, and resistant to UV degradation compared to ordinary polyurethane sealants. The design of the tube allows it to accept a screw-on cap to seal a partially used tube for future use. For more information,

ES-1-Compliant Metal Edge System

Garland Company, Inc.

The Garland Company announces important upgrades to its R

Snap-on Covers for Fascia Systems

Metal-Era, Inc.

Metal-Era introduces newly redesigned versions of their Perma-Tite System 200 Fascia and Perma-Tite System 300 Fascia. These fascia systems have been re-engineered to eliminate time-intensive crimping by using a snap-on cover. This provides roofing contractors with significant time and labor savings. Perma-Tite System 200 Fascia is ideal for fully adhered, mechanically attached or stone ballast EPDM or TPO single-ply roof systems. Those using a built-up or modified bitumen roof system should choose Perma-Tite System 300 Fascia. For more information, call 800-558-2162 or