METALCON International is known as an innovative event that always brings something new to the market – products, technology, ideas, and programs. This year’s conference features a keynote presentation and conference sessions related to capturing government work.

Greg Goodwin

NEWTON, Mass. – METALCON International is known as an innovative event that always brings something new to the market – products, technology, ideas, and programs. This year’s conference features a keynote presentation and conference sessions related to capturing government work.

Although this may not seem like a prime time to seek government projects, this still represents a stable market particularly for sustainability and high-performance buildings.

METALCON Show Director Claire Kilcoyne notes metal’s role in these areas. “As metal’s place in sustainable projects continues to gain prominence, we recognize the need to educate our audience more about opportunities in this market and how to prepare to meet them. We also know that government work is increasingly focused on green, so we lined up experts to discuss these important topics. We’re looking forward to this interesting program and are confident it will set the stage for growth in the metal industry.”

METALCON International is the only annual conference and exhibition dedicated to metal construction products, technologies and solutions. The 21st annual METALCON International takes place Oct. 11-13, 2011 at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Ga. Themed “Constant Evolution” the 2011 show marks 21 years of constant evolution of the industry and this event, which is sponsored by The Metal Construction Association and more than 100 related industry organizations and publications.

Two of the programs focused on government and green take place on opening day, October 11. The keynote address, “Metal and High-Performance Green Buildings,” will be presented by Kevin Kampschroer, Director, Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings, U.S. Government Services Administration. Greg Goodwin, founder and president of Goodwin Marketing Group LLC, discusses “A Sustainable Approach to Successfully Winning Work with the Federal Government.”

By attending these sessions, attendees will gain a firm foundation on the overall federal marketplace and the growing importance of developing more high-performance buildings. In addition, they will learn specific strategies for entering the federal marketplace or expanding their market share with federal clients.

Goodwin feels the federal market sectors represent a good market overall for architects and contractors. “During prolonged economic downturns that affect private commercial development, the federal market remains viable because the distribution of taxes makes its way into the nation’s regions and local economies. Understanding the funding streams and their timing is paramount for designers and contractors to know what the next wave of construction will be. Plus sustainability and LEED as drivers for the federal market are here to stay. Like the ADA (Americans with Disability Act) sustainable design and construction has become a business-as-usual component of all federal and private projects.”

Kevin Kampschroer

According to Kampschroer the government is finding benefits in focusing more on performance not just specifications. “Having designs meet performance standards rather than specifications is working for the GSA so we will continue to raise the bar on the level of performance for buildings. Our biggest challenge is the tight budget conditions and the emphasis on using existing assets. In the private sector the biggest challenge is the timeframe of ownership. If you’re not owning the building for the longer term, your motivation to make the necessary design changes is less.”

Kampschroer notes the benefits of performance-based initiatives. “The main thing about high-performance buildings is that you have to integrate all parts of it and that inherently pushes together all the participants – designers, owners, and contractors. The other benefit is that as the recognition of the value of green buildings increases, so does the motivation for evaluating building performance over the long term. This also increases contractor participation in green building as more owners and corporations understand the value of high-performance green buildings, and demand it.”

METALCON offers an unbeatable blend of product exhibits, a comprehensive education conference, and several live-action demos highlighting the latest field techniques and trends. This annual one-of-a-kind event draws nearly 8,000 designers, builders, developers, contractors, fabricators, and suppliers from more than 50 countries. Experts from 300 companies exhibit the latest products and technology and share their knowledge with attendees.

The beauty, sustainability and environmental benefits of metal are demonstrated in several ways at METALCON. One-third of the 30 education sessions deal with sustainability. Green Island, a special area of exhibits, features metal-related products that meet green building standards for recycled content, recyclability, durability, and energy efficiency. Solar Bay is a pavilion focused on the unbeatable combination of metal and solar. It merges product exhibits with educational forums and Solar Bay Live where world-renowned experts use full-scale mock-ups of solar technologies on metal roofs and walls to demonstrate tips on metal and solar technology.

A new red-carpet style amenity called the METALCON Executive Club (MCEC) helps exhibitors achieve their trade show objectives by providing a place for them to meet with customers and prospects in a private business-like setting.

For information about exhibiting, contact Paula For general information, visitwww.metalcon.comor call 800-537-7765.