This month's issue focuses on adhesives.

Adhesive Sealant

Triangle Fastener Corporation

TFC 100TM and TFC 116 TM are one-component polyurethane sealants formulated to become tack free and cure rapidly. They are UV resistant and have excellent weathering, providing long-life performance. The products are available in six of the most popular colors to match your specific need and bond to most substrates without priming. They provide excellent adhesion and flexibility for dynamic joint movement and offer high abrasion and tear strength. For more information, call 800-486-1832 or

Flexible FAST Adhesive


Flexible FAST Adhesive is a two-part, low-rise polyurethane adhesive that offers built-in elongation and energy-absorbing properties that enhance rooftop puncture and hail resistance. The product cures to form a tenacious bond between the substrate and the membrane, offering industry-leading wind uplift protection for roofs in even the most demanding locations. This innovative low-VOC, low-odor, and low-noise adhesive is ideal for sensitive projects such as hospitals and educational facilities. For more information, call 800-4-SYNTEC, fax 717-245-7053, or

Roofing Polyurethane Adhesive

Dow Building Solutions

INSTA STIK™ Quik Set Commercial Roofing polyurethane adhesive from Dow Building Solutions is a single-component adhesive that is always on ratio. It is self-contained, portable, requires no external power source and offers significant materials cost savings up to 28 percent compared to two–part roofing adhesives. For more information, call 866-583-2583 or

Solvent Free Technology

Chem Link Inc.

Superior performance. Reasonable cost. Total code compliance. No hazmat. Add complete safety for workers and environment and you are talking about Chem Link’s full line of performance-proven adhesives and sealants for commercial contractors. From M-1® Structural Sealant to BARRTM Roof Repair Kit, to Single Ply EPDM Adhesive, contractors - and owners - are finding these products help lead the way to better building performance. For more information, call 800-826-1681 or

LiquiGard Adhesive


Firestone LiquiGard™ Adhesive is a two-part urethane adhesive that forms extremely strong bonds between roofing membranes and substrates, creating superior resistance to high winds. This durable adhesive does not contain VOC and is an economical option for odorless, watertight seals for modified bitumen systems. Available in 5-gallon pails, LiquiGard Adhesive is ideal for schools, hospitals and other applications where using asphalt, heat welding with torches or odorous solvents is not acceptable. For more information,

Millennium One Step Green Foamable Adhesive

ADCO Roofing Products

Millennium One Step Green® Foamable Adhesive is an exciting, new, patent-pending, VOC-Free, all-weather insulation adhesive manufactured with an industry-leading 45 percent rapidly renewable content. The adhesive carries all of the equivalent FM approvals of our highly popular One StepTM Foamable Adhesive and is designed for use with our patented application process. It is designed for use as an adhesive for bonding approved roof insulations to building’s structural roof deck, base sheets, other insulation boards, and smooth or properly prepared gravel built-up roof surfaces. For more information, call 800-248-4010 or

PaceCart2 Application System


Get off the roof faster with OMG’s exclusive (patent pending) PaceCart2. PaceCart 2 is an easy-to-use application system for OlyBond500 that helps minimize project costs. Dispense enough OlyBond500 to apply 60 squares of insulation per hour for maximum rooftop efficiency. The product is perfect for high production projects. It is approved by most manufacturers as well as FM, UL, Florida Building Code and Miami-Dade. For more information, call 800-633-3800 or

DASH Adhesive

Versico Roofing Systems

Versico offers DASH Adhesive, a two-component, polyurethane, low-rise insulating adhesive used to bond VersiFleece® membrane and/or insulation to various substrates. Featuring industry-leading wind uplift ratings and enhancing R-value by 0.2 to 0.5, DASH Adhesive eliminates the thermal bridging and noise typical of insulation joints and fasteners. With low odor and no VOC concerns, the product is also environmentally friendly. For more information,

Modified Bitumen Adhesive


For over 20 years Karnak 66 Modified Bitumen Adhesive has been the roofing contractors’ preferred choice for cold process SBS modified bitumen membrane installations. This multi-purpose, high strength adhesive is available in Brush and Trowel grades for adhering base and ply membranes. Karnak 66 Modified Bitumen Adhesive creates a cohesive bond between membrane sheets and flashings to ensure a water-tight roofing system. For more information,