Product Focus on Adhesives

Disposable Static Mixers

Sulzer Mixpac USA Inc. (formerly ConProTec Inc.), a leading innovator of 2-component adhesive dispensing systems, has expanded its line of Static Mixers and Cartridges for the construction industry. While continuing to offer the traditional helical-style mixer, Sulzer Mixpac USA is now pleased to include the efficient square Quadro design, making Sulzer Mixpac’s line of disposable static mixers the most comprehensive line of high quality, low cost static mixers in the world. Designed with builders and contractors in mind, the Sulzer Mixpac square Quadro design exhibits 30 percent less back pressure than the traditional helical-style mixers of equal elements, making dispensing high viscosity adhesives and sealants that much easier. Sulzer Mixpac’s static mixer line also includes a variety of plastic disposable mixers that are used with meter mix and dispense equipment, providing a low cost solution for 2-component mixing. For more information, call 603-893-2727, fax 603-893-3737 or

Low Surface Energy Muntin Tapes

Adchem Corp., a leading manufacturer of high performance film and foam bonding adhesive tapes for the fenestration markets, has developed a second-generation muntin bar tape for low surface energy materials. The new LSE SDL (Low Surface Energy Simulated Divided Light) tape system was developed specifically for Kynar®500 flouropolymer, Vitrasil® acrylic polyester and powder coated finishes. All Adchem muntin tape systems eliminate the need for liquid silane adhesion promoters. The LSE SDL series provides long-term indoor and outdoor adhesion to a variety of window substrates, including easy-to-clean and “self cleaning” glass. The system also bonds to cellular PVC, vinyl, primed and unprimed wood, plastic, and painted aluminum muntin bars. Establishing a new standard for muntin bar adhesives, Adchem’s muntin bar tapes maintains high shear, tensile, and cleavage strength while providing resistance to air, water, detergents, moisture, UV light and dust. For more information, contact Joseph Pufahl at 631-727-6000, x 213.

Quik Set Commercial Roof

INSTA STIK Quik Set Commercial Roof Adhesive is a one component, moisture cured polyurethane adhesive for attaching roof insulation and cover boards to approved decks and substrates. Because it is a single component you can be assured that it is always on ratio and it works in a wide range of temperatures from 33 degrees Fahrenheit to 110°F. For more information, call 519-473-7820 or visitwww.dowbuildingsolutions/

Stevens Fastline

Stevens EP FastLine Adhesive by Ashland, an innovative product providing speed, safety, FMG-1-90 and UL class A approvals when adhering Stevens EPTM to a variety of substrates. Formulated without solvents - 100 percent solids - so its low VOC designation complies with the strictest air quality standards. Stevens EP FastLine Adhesive covers 200- to 250-square-feet per gallon. For more information,

Environmentally Responsible Products

Garland introduces three new environmentally responsible products, including two additions to the Green-Lock™ family of cold applied, VOC-free, roofing adhesives. They are Green-Lock Flashing Adhesive and Green-Lock Membrane Adhesive Solex™, which is a water-based, highly reflective coating with Kynar® Aquatec technology for metal and modified bitumen restoration and new construction. For more information,

MicroSealant Tapes

Unlike all other available tapes and sealants, EternaBond tapes are MicroSealants, which is a family of sealants that contain no double bonds between carbon atoms resulting in a molecular structure, which is extremely stable and is resistant to oxygen, UV, ozone and heat. MicroSealant tapes facilitate instant bonding to all known materials used in traditional roofing applications, increasing surface area, and resulting in a permanent (20-year plus) seal. EternaBond MicroSealant tapes are tolerant of chemical contact, environmentally stable, and contain no solvents or VOCs. For more information, call 847-837-9400, fax 847-837-9449 or

Cold Applied Multi-Ply

Multi-Ply Adhesive SF is a cold applied solvent free asphalt/urethane interply adhesive. It is used to bond felt layers in multi-ply roof assemblies. Multi-Ply Adhesive SF meets VOC requirements in all jurisdictions and is ideal for projects sensitive to prolonged solvent odor. The unique chemistry of Multi-Ply Adhesive SF provides faster cure time and maximum strength of the roof system compared to standard solvent-based roof systems. For more information, call Ed Buczek at 440-248-7760, ext. 3054.

Water-Based Membrane

Sarnacol 2121 is a water-based membrane adhesive used within a Sika Sarnafil Adhered Roofing System. It is formulated for adhering Sika Sarnafil membranes to a clean and dry, low-sloped roofing surface. For more information, call 800-451-2504, ext. 3283, or

Environmentally Friendly Roof Insulation

OMG Inc. has formulated a more environmentally friendly roof insulation adhesive: OlyBond500™ Green. OlyBond500 Green provides the same high performance as OlyBond500 and OlyBond500 SpotShot, but uses rapidly renewable resources to replace petroleum ingredients in its composition. OlyBond500 Green is plant-based and VOC free, making it an excellent choice to use on LEED certified projects. OlyBond500 Green is Factory Mutual approved. For more information,

Weather-Tite One Step Night Seal

WTT Systems, a Millennium Adhesive Company, a leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of 2-component adhesives and sealers, has expanded its line with the introduction of Weather-Tite® One Step™ Night Seal™. Weather-Tite One Step Night Seal is a highly elastomeric, solvent free, quick setting, foam sealer. The unique formulation of the product results in a foam that has a weatherproof “skin.” Weather-Tite One Step Night Seal is designed for use as a quick and reliable sealer at temporary tie-in locations between new roof covers and existing roof systems. As with all Weather-Tite products, One Step Night Seal provides economical and technical advantages. Weather-Tite One Step Night Seal is easy to apply and has no temperature restrictions. Application results in a quick, clean, fast setting temporary tie-in. Weather-Tite One Step Night Seal can be used with most commercial roof membranes. For more information contact WTT Technical Department at 866-868-0883 or

Adhesives and Sealants: Eye on the Future

The evaporation of millions of tons of volatile organic compounds contributing to smog, lung disease and global warming has long been a necessary part of the use of sealants and adhesives in building construction. But new technology by Chem Link is now on the market that can eliminate that outcome and enhance building performance with little added cost. Extremely low VOC, high performance non-shrinking products are now replacing high VOC sealants/adhesives, resulting in less maintenance, better air quality and reduced health hazards. For more information, call Chem Link at 800-826-1681, 269-679-4440 or