This Month:
Steve Sharp
Roofing Consultant
Sharp Roofing Associates, Inc.

The Book:
I Can See You Naked by Ron Hoff

What Is the Message of the Book?

While I use this book as a reference, the message is basically this: if you have to make presentations to clients, or any group of people; you can get people to listen and help them find something of use to them in what you are saying.

To do this you must:

• Be open to being you.
• Know your audience.
• Welcome the audience’s questions and care about what they care about.
• Bring substance.
• Personalize your presentation.
• Give your audience something to take away with them.
• Have a “burning issue,” something of critical importance to the audience wherever possible, as opposed to beating around the bush.

How did the book inspire you?

• First of all the book is a re-read because it’s a book I use for many conversations, not just formal presentations. Second, Ron Hoff teaches the joy that should emanate from a presentation; I like that concept. Next, it’s a great reference book, with well segmented sections, on a variety of aspects of communicating with people.

Finally, it is a fun book. It makes it clear that the old Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared” makes for much of what gets your story across. However, seeing your audience as human beings, not really different to you, and respecting their need to NOT have their time wasted, will enable you to focus your presentation to suit that group. (By the way: don’t be misled by the title. It’s meant to deceive!)

How did it make a difference at your company?

It has helped make presentations I give simpler and more concise. It has also helped me focus on the value in what I present, which can vary widely by audience, regardless of my own point of view.
Now if I could just get my kids to pay attention …