CertainTeed Corporation is teaming up with a Texas paving company to recycle nearly 100 percent of manufacturing waste, aiming to eliminate dependency on landfills.

CertainTeed Corporation’s roofing plant in Shreveport, La., is teaming up with a Texas paving company to recycle nearly 100 percent of manufacturing waste. Paving the way with greener operations, CertainTeed is helping to divert approximately 15,000 tons of material from landfills each year. The waste is used by RK Hall of Texarkana to produce asphalt pavement used for highways and bridges.

“By finding an eco-friendly solution for disposing of scrap materials, the Shreveport plant is significantly reducing its environmental impact,” said John Hardy, operational excellence leader for CertainTeed Roofing. “As a result of the partnership with RK Hall of Texarkana, the plant has also reduced transportation costs - a testament that going green has both environmental and economic benefits.” A part of the community since 1930, the Shreveport plant has 73 employees and produces several asphalt shingle product lines including XT(TM) 25, XT(TM) 30 and CT 20 as well as the popular Landmark Series shingles. In 2009, the plant received an award for Excellence in Energy Efficiency for reducing its annual energy consumption by more than 10 percent. The plant is also an active participant in the Saint-Gobain International Environment, Health and Safety Day, an annual event dedicated to environmental awareness, emergency preparedness, healthy living and workplace safety.

In concert with the Shreveport plant, several other CertainTeed roofing manufacturing facilities are developing similar recycling programs that are designed to eliminate the dependency on landfills. In addition, the company’s research and development team in Blue Bell, Pa. is actively exploring creative technologies that potentially will convert waste shingles and shingle tear-off material into commercially acceptable grades of raw material that can be reused in the roofing industry or as part of highway paving programs. In the Philadelphia area, CertainTeed has launched Roofing Responsibly, a new shingle-recycling program that provides contractors with an environmentally friendly option for shingle disposal. Using sustainable manufacturing practices, CertainTeed roofing offers a portfolio of 50 ENERGY STAR rated products, many of which contribute to LEED certification and are eligible for energy efficiency tax credits through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. CertainTeed is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, plays an active role in the green building movement. For the second consecutive year, CertainTeed has been named ENERGY STAR partner of the year.

For more information on CertainTeed’s environmentally friendly products and sustainable operations, visitwww.certainteed.com.