This month's issue focuses on edge metal and gutter related products.

OMG Roofing Products

Flashing Solution

The QuadFlash from OMG Roofing Products provides a fast and efficient option for many roofing applications. QuadFlash offers a permanent watertight and maintenance free flashing solution for pipe clusters. Each boot accommodates up to four pipes from ¼ to 2 inches in diameter. A heavy-duty, EPDM rubber cap expands and contracts and won’t crack or split, unlike many pitch pockets.

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W.P. Hickman Company


The W. P. Hickman Company offers an innovative new product that is an engineered metal replacement system for roof nailers. The EdgeBox Perimeter Metal Blocking System is a two-piece slotted design that replaces traditional wood blocking or nailers at the perimeter of a low-slope roof and can be used with a wide range of roofing and insulation systems.

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Rain Flow USA Inc.

Total Gutter Protection

RAIN FLOW is a permanent solution that prevents clogged gutters and eliminates the problems of traditional screens and metal covers. Water flows freely through this latex-coated natural fiber material, but leaves, seeds and other debris stay on top to blow away on the next breezy day. No caulk, screws, nails or brackets are needed for installation. Rain Flow cuts with scissors and is invisible from the ground.

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Metal-Era Inc.

Roof Edge Ventilation Solutions

Metal-Era offers Edge Systems One, a tested, fast and economical roof edge program that caters to the needs of contractor. Edge Systems One consists of two fascia systems - One Edge and One Fascia - and one coping system: One Coping. This budget-friendly program is saves money by providing 12-foot lengths for less material handling and quicker installation. It also reduces liability due to engineered design performance and code compliance. The company offers next day shipping on fascia systems when using one of 15 Express Colors.

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Berger Building Products

Complete Roof Drainage Systems

Highly regarded as the premier manufacturer of copper gutter, from our beginnings in 1874 Berger Building Products has brought that same quality to aluminum and steel gutter along with the necessary roof edging and flashing to offer complete roof drainage systems to fit any need.

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Garrety Manufacturing

Seamless Gutter System

Garrety Manufacturing Inc. specializes in roll formed seamless commercial and industrial gutter systems. We deliver our high-quality material directly to your job site. We provide a full line of accessories including 4-by-5 and 3-by-4 downspout in over 100 colors. We offer material in a variety of finishes, gauges, sizes, colors, and metals. 

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Firestone Building Products

Liquid Flashing

Firestone UltraFlash Liquid Flashing is a two-part urethane liquid rubber flashing and coating that creates a durable watertight seal around difficult rooftop details including vents, pipes, wires, tight corners and more. Suitable for use with both SBS and BUR asphalt roofing systems, this fast-curing, low-VOC coating adheres well to many substrates, is abrasion and chemical resistant and is approved for potable water applications and as a root and moisture barrier under vegetative roofs. The UltraFlash family of products also includes UltraFlash Primer, which improves the adhesion of UltraFlash Liquid Flashing to a variety of non-porous surfaces, and UltraFlash Fabric, a stitch-bonded polyester scrim for roofing applications. 

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DCI Products

Flo-Free Leaf Guard

A revolutionary industrial grade, 3/4-inch thick black nylon product with a smooth slick top surface, Flo-Free Leaf Guard fits neatly inside your new or existing gutter. Flo-Free prevents leaves, twigs, pine needles, snow and all other debris from clogging and damming the natural flow of water. It leaves 100 percent of the gutter mouth open to accept water flow even in the heaviest of downpours. 

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