The American Concrete Institute announced Kenneth C. Hover, Ph.D., P.E., as its new president. 

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) announced Kenneth C. Hover, Ph.D., P.E., as its new president. Dr. Hover assumes the post of president of the Institute after the passing of President Richard D. Stehly on Sept. 18, 2010. In accordance with the by-laws of the Institute, in the event that a current president is no longer able to continue his term, the senior vice president will complete the term. The ACI Executive Committee, along with ACI Executive Vice President Ron Burg, and ACI’s staff have expressed their support of Dr. Hover as president during this difficult time for the Institute. Dr. Hover is professor of civil and environmental engineering and Stephen Weiss Presidential Fellow at Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. An ACI member since 1980, Dr. Hover was elected vice president of the Institute in the spring of 2009. He currently chairs ACI Committee 301-C, Concrete Mixtures, Handling, Placing, Consolidating, and Curing, and also chairs ACI’s Task Group on Fly Ash Communication. He currently serves on several other technical committees, including 318-A, Structural Concrete Building Code. Dr. Hover previously served on the ACI Board of Direction and was named a Fellow of ACI in 1992. In addition, he is a past president of the ACI Greater Miami Valley Chapter.