Product Focus on Safety Equipment

The Raptor R1000 is a portable system workers can tie-off to when they’re doing leading-edge work on low-slope roofs and elevated platforms. The OSHA compliant anchorage system can be easily rolled with the job as work progresses. You can equip the Raptor with one or two job boxes for storing tools, or with one job box and an air compressor or generator. Generators range in size from 2,500 to 12,500 watts. The Raptor provides fall restraint for two workers in harnesses and lanyards and fall arrest for one. A wide operating range enables workers to get more done before repositioning the cart is required. The system works on a variety of sensitive surfaces, without damaging or penetrating the substrate - unless someone falls! In an actual fall, a “claw” located underneath the cart instantly engages itself into the substrate and secures the worker(s).

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