United Coatings has introduced the GRAFFITI SHIELD system to the professional paint market. The graffiti defense system is designed to seal previously painted substrates, minimizing the effects of vandalism by facilitating its removal. Featuring a highly durable clear coating and a spray-on cleaner, GRAFFITI SHIELD is one of the most protective systems on the market. Graffiti is an ongoing issue that continually haunts building owners and homeowners. Without an effective removal procedure, building owners were forced to pay thousands of dollars to re-paint their defaced property. United Coatings responded to the need by creating a safe yet effective product designed to protect building exteriors and walls. It is a two-part system that provides both a protective clear coating and a spray-on cleaner, facilitating the removal of aerosol spray paint and permanent markers, as well as dirt, soot and pollution. For more information, call 800-541-4383 or visitwww.unitedcoatings.com.