CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - D.C. Taylor Co. has received the following awards:
  • The Iowa-Illinois Safety Council awarded D.C. Taylor Co. for outstanding achievement in accident prevention during the 2007 calendar year. Its total incident rate was 4.24 (national average is 7.30), and its experience modification rate is 0.58 (this number must be under 1.00).
  • GAF Materials recognized D.C. Taylor Co. for a job completed at Conoco Phillips Museum in Bartlesville, Okla., where the final inspection of its roofing system, installed by a D.C. Taylor crew led by Luke King, received the highest score of 10.
  • ERSystems recognized D.C. Taylor Co. for 10 years of demonstrating commitment to its products and quality installations.
Also, the following people have been hired or promoted at D. C. Taylor Co.:
  • Liz Frazier was promoted from front desk coordinator to front desk administrator at D.C. Taylor’s corporate headquarters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
  • Jason Schafer was hired as a service sales manager for D. C. Taylor’s Atlanta office.
  • Lori Tribley was hired as a customer relation manager for D. C. Taylor’s Chicago office.