Timm Haefner

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - D.C. Taylor Co., a commercial and industrial roofing contractor, announced its 2007 Employee Safety Awards at D.C. Taylor Co.’s Annual Team Dinner March 3. Staff members were recognized for their commitment to safety in their jobs. This commitment is evident in D.C. Taylor Co.’s 2007 Total Incident Rate - 4.24 (national average was 7.3) - one of the lowest in the industry. Following are the safety award winners: Timm Haefner – Safest Project Manager; Dennis Carmer, Suntan King, Brad Kimm – Safest Crew Leader; Luke King, Dustan Smith, Dennis Carmer – Best Jobsite Safety Setup; Suntan King, Wilmore King, Karl Frazier, Israel Chavez – Highest Quality JHAs (100 percent completed; Dennis Carmer, Bill Dunek, Brad Kimm, Jeff Tope, Tony Thompson – Log Book Completion.

The following crew leaders were awarded for no worker’s compensation, general liability, or auto claims in 2007: Tony Thompson, Dave Schmidt, Matt Gilmartin, Israel Chavez, Rafael Chavez, Dennis Carmer, Jeff Tope, Suntan King, Roger Mulzac, Scott Gardner, Wilmore King, Mike Abbey, Rob Null, Fernando Aboytes, Justin Rouse, Eric Morris, and Lynwood Kesler.

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