When it comes to polyurea sprays, Polycoat Products is always pushing the envelope to advance this technology. New this summer are Polyeuro 752FR, Polyeuro 11FR and Polyeuro 851FR. They are the first polyureas offered by Polycoat that are approved for a Class A fire rating by the stringent standards set forth by ANSI/NFPA and UBC, recognized as the leader in certification of fire resistant products. Meeting the criteria for an ANSI/NFPA and UBC, Class A fire rating opens a whole new gateway for an added layer of fire safety. Manufacturing facilities, chemical storage areas, and even homes and offices can now be coated with the quickness of a polyurea spray while having the peace of mind the Class A fire rating brings. For more information, call 562-802-8834, ext. 206, fax 562-921-7363, or e-mailwpsales@polycoatusa.