Gusmer Corp., Lakewood, N.J., has renamed the GX8 Spray Gun to the GX8-Pro. There are also several new improvements to this mechanically self-cleaning low-output spray gun. First, the air passageways to the gun’s air cap and trigger valve have been widened. This modification provides more air volume to the spray tip so it operates cleaner and longer. The increased air volume to the trigger valve provides faster opening and closing of the gun. This speeds up impingement and allows for quick, rapid triggering for detail spraying without sacrificing mixing quality. Additional modifications improve maintenance and installation of the mixing module and pattern-control disc. The module has been redesigned to be more durable and helps prevent breaking of the locater pin so as not to break, and the PCD is now keyed to the gun block to keep it in alignment when installed. The coupling block has also been re-engineered. It is smaller and lighter for greater versatility. The gun is rated for 3,500-psi operation and outputs as low as 0.10 gallons per minute.