Workers setting up or dismantling a fall protection system on a rooftop perimeter are required by OSHA to tie-off on an approved anchorage point. Vent pipes and HVAC equipment are not approved anchorage points. The new Fall-Ban Mobile Anchorage Cart is. Workers can roll the cart with them during deployment and retrieval, which saves a lot of steps, time and physical labor. And the cart can carry a complete 400-foot Fall-Ban CableGuard system (a 3-cable, yellow-flagged system that’s easily attached to flat, overhang and parapet roofs). The cart works on a wide variety of sensitive roof surfaces, without damaging or penetrating the substrate, unless someone falls. If a fall occurs, an anchorage device called the Raptor Claw penetrates the substrate and secures workers. The Fall-Ban Mobile Anchorage Cart provides fall restraint for two workers and fall arrest for one. Cart complies with OSHA 1926.502(d) as a fall-arrest anchor. Rated for low-slope surfaces only. For more information, call 763-694-2624 or