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Sika Sarnafil Presents Annual Project of the Year Awards

Canton, Mass. - Sika Sarnafil announced the winners of its 2007 Projects of the Year Competition. Twelve contractors were recognized for outstanding workmanship in completing a recent project utilizing a Sika Sarnafil thermoplastic membrane for roofing or waterproofing applications. A winner and two finalists were chosen from each of four different categories - Steep Slope, Low Slope, Waterproofing, and Sustainability. Nearly 30 contractors submitted projects for evaluation in the annual competition. Entries were judged on project complexity, design uniqueness, project importance, craftsmanship, and creative problem solving. First-place winners were awarded cash prizes and all finalists were presented with recognition pieces.

In the Sustainability category, Solar Integrated Technologies, Inc., of Los Angeles, was the inaugural victor for completing the largest building-integrated photovoltaic system in the world - the roofing system for the Tesco Fresh and Easy Market cold and freezer storage facility in Riverside, Calif. Solar Integrated Technology installed more than 650,000 square feet. of membrane with energy-creating photovoltaic panels integrated directly within the Sika Sarnafil roofing material. In second place was Silktown Roofing, Inc., of South Grafton, Mass., and in third place for this grouping was Silktown Roofing, Inc., of Manchester, Conn. Visit www.sikacorp.com for more information.

CertainTeed Enters Photovoltaic-Integrated Products Market with SRS Energy

Valley Forge, Pa. - CertainTeed Corporation announced that it has entered into a partnership with SRS Energy, of Philadelphia, to advance the development of photovoltaic roofing products. Through this partnership, the companies will collaborate on the development of a polymeric-based photovoltaic roof tile that generates energy without compromising the look of the home.

“Energy efficiency is a key issue for homeowners, and our assessments show that people are especially interested in harnessing free energy using their roofs,” says John Donaldson, president of CertainTeed Roofing. “They have not, however, been quick to adopt photovoltaic roofs because of the cumbersome look of today’s solar panels. With integrated photovoltaic tiles, homeowners will soon have the option of installing an aesthetically appealing roof that solves this problem. It’s a terrific breakthrough for our industry.” Visit www.srsenergy.com and www.certainteed.com for more information.

Total Silicone Roof System

LaGrange, Ohio - West Development Group’s (WDG) System 14 Total Silicone Roof System is a comprehensive roofing solution delivering a range of products. WDG’s System 14 features a zero-VOC coating (HSS 535) that is applied over a soy-based SPF, creating a moisture-resistant seal that is both durable and flexible, the company reports. A silicone topcoat cures in a few hours; forms a seamless, self-flashing seal; resists oxidation, wind-driven rain and snow, ozone, and many chemicals; offers resistance to cracking and peeling and will not shrink or become brittle or stiff; and eliminates most tear-offs. The silicone surface can be easily reconditioned to provide years of further leak-free service. Visitwww.wdgsilicones.comfor more information.

Cool Roofing Course

Cleveland – AIA and CSI members can earn LUs/CEUs and HSW credit with “Cool Roofing: A Solution to National Energy and Environmental Challenges,” a self-guided course presented by the Vinyl Roofing Division of the Chemical Fabrics and Film Association. The course provides a detailed overview of the performance characteristics and benefits of cool roofing systems using reflective white vinyl membranes. Green roofing, product rating programs, building energy codes and energy calculators are also reviewed. Visitwww.vinylroofs.orgfor more information.

DECRA Introduces New Brochure on Sustainability

Corona, Calif. - DECRA Roofing Systems, Inc. has introduced a new brochure on sustainability, which features extensive information about how stone-coated steel roofing can positively interact with the environment. Covering the sustainable benefits of a stone-coated steel roof, the brochure features an example of environmentally managing existing roofing materials. Other topics discussed are: durability, the recycled content of steel, effects of the product on drinking water, and a synopsis of a study conducted by Oak Ridge National Labs detailing the benefits of installing stone-coated steel on a batten system. Visitwww.decra.comfor more information.

BIPV Installation Option

Deland, Fla. - MeTecno USA introduced METENERGY, a building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) option for MeTecno USA’s metal roof systems. METENERGY - developed in conjunction with United Solar Ovonic, LLC - combines United Solar’s thin-film photovoltaic product, the UNI-SOLAR brand, and MeTecno USA’s insulated and single element roof systems. As a metal roof system, METENERGY integrates the UNI-SOLAR photovoltaic modules within the flat surface between the ribs. The modules are then interconnected in order to yield the desired power and voltage values.

Depending on energy needs and location, the durable and weather-resistant panels can be installed on any structural support in small or large units, the companies report. Four different types of METENERGY panels have been designed according to different combinations of photovoltaic laminates installed. The minimum width of METENERGY solar panels is 14 inches (3,150 mm). Because the panels can be walked upon without damage, maintenance and servicing is an easy, hassle-free process. Visitwww.metecnousa.comandwww.uni-solar.comfor more information.


Cost-effective Green Roofs

Solon, Ohio - W.P. Hickman’s eco-roof technology brings safe, sustainable and cost-effective green roofs to America’s buildings, the company reports. Hickman’s eco-roof system is lightweight, provides waterproofing, extends the roof membrane life, and covers the entire roof with a continuous growing medium that supports a variety of vegetation. Eco-roof is available in various roof designs for both intensive and extensive roof planting. Visitwww.wphickman.comfor more information.

Enhance Curb Appeal with Stylish, Eco-Friendly Roofing

Wixom, Mich. - With seven standard colors, 11 premium colors and seven color blends, InSpire Roofing Products’ slate-like roofing tiles comes from a patented molding process that creates varied edges and surfaces for a natural effect. Using technologically advanced methods and eco-friendly materials, InSpire roofing has the appearance of natural slate, but is more durable due to its 100 percent recyclable blend of virgin resins and natural limestone. The products also come with either Class A or Class C Fire rating, Class 4 hail and 110 MPH wind uplift ratings. Visitwww.inspireroofing.comfor more information.