Product Focus


Automatic Fire Vent

The Bilco Co. offers its domed automatic fire vent, which provides a more attractive design that enhances its thermal insulation properties. The Lumivent provides natural daylight, energy efficiency, and the protection of automatic fire venting - all at competitive pricing. It also provides all the security and value of an automatic fire vent with the added benefits of a skylight. The Lumivent is UL-listed and FM-approved and features a multi-wall polycarbonate cover design that resists UV degradation and offers superior insulation performance over traditional domes. For more information,


Non-Penetrating Skylight Protection

CageGuard is a new, free-standing system for guarding skylights and temporary roof openings. Installation doesn’t require drilling holes in the roof or skylight frame, so there’s no chance of damaging the roof membrane or the skylight itself. It is designed to take less than an hour to install. Adjustable legs provide a neat, low-profile appearance. Design is OSHA compliant and features modular construction for easy transport. Powder coat finish in safety yellow is standard. Other colors and galvanized finish are available. For more information, call 800-328-9522 or

Solar Shade

Solar Powered Shade Installation

The VELUX solar-powered skylight shade requires no extra effort or expense to install. The battery is an integral part of the shade. The skylight shade operates by remote control. The built-in solar cell converts sunlight to electrical energy, which is stored in a battery with a capacity of approximately 500 operations without recharge. For information,


Translucent Roofing System

GE Plastics announced it will assist Centerpoint Translucent Systems in developing a new translucent roofing system that provides full-spectrum natural light and significantly improved aesthetics, comfort, and energy efficiency for the residential new construction market. Centerpoint will build the new systems using GE’s Lexan Thermoclear multiwall polycarbonate (PC) sheet - a material based on GE’s Lexan resin - in combination with Nanogel translucent aerogel from Cabot Corp. Centerpoint’s patent-pending roofing structure is designed to allow penetration of natural, filtered daylight into living areas without the energy loss and higher heating and cooling costs of glass roofing inserts. For information on Centerpoint Translucent Systems, call 865-637-2401, ext. 556. For information, call 413-448-7661.

Skylight System

Skylight System

V Tech Industries delivers a new, state-of-the-art skylight system characterized by an innovative process called Rim Injection Molding. The V Tech Skylight is a revolutionary new design of a solid, one-piece unit of encapsulated glass or acrylic with a polyurethane material that has a 20-year transferable warranty and is guaranteed never to leak. For more information, call 800-797-6585.


Copolyester Sheet for Skylights

Spartech Corp. introduces the new ULTRATUF CX~D sheet, a high-impact-resistant, thermoformable copolyester for skylights that offers both UV protection and toughness. The sheet is extruded by Spartech Corporation using Eastman Chemical’s new TiGlazeSUV resin system. Compared to plastics traditionally used for skylights, this product has greater impact resistance, which reduces the amount of breakage and scrap during manufacturing, shipping and installation. For more information,


Customized Glass Skylights

In just 15 minutes at you’ll get instant 3D submittal drawings and pricing on custom, factory assembled and glazed skylights from 4 feet to 100 feet in length. Customize dimensions, finishes and glass with six-week delivery to your jobsite. Also, is part of Architectural Glazing Technologies, a 20-year leader in skylights and curtain walls. For information,


Certified Impact Rated Skylights

Sun-Tek offers the widest assortment of certified impact rated skylights, available in both curb mount and self-flashing models, made of insulated glass or polycarbonate plastic. Sun-Tek offers two impact rated glass skylights; three impact rated polycarbonate units; and a curb mounted tubular skylight, which have passed the most stringent testing for the Florida Building Code and were rated under the Miami-Dade protocol. For more information, call 800-334-5854.


Daylighting Solutions

Since 1996, HUVCO has developed daylighting solutions for both commercial and residential markets with their high-performance daylighting systems. These systems are designed for maximum daylight harvesting and thermal efficiency. A properly designed system can eliminate the use of electric lights during day lit hours. Systems are available from 10-inch diameter tubular skylights up to 4-foot by 8-foot High Performance Daylighting Systems. For more information, call 800-832-6116 or


Airflow Around Roof Obstacles

No more drilling holes in rafters. ValleyVent by DCI allows air to flow around any roof obstacle. Designed for valleys and skylights, the ValleyVent is tapered from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch by 24 inches long. Applied directly to rafters, the slight lift up is virtually unnoticed yet allows the required 9 NFA of air to flow in an otherwise closed space. Simply nail gun the vents to the rafter in seconds and sheath over. Form more information, call 800-622-4455 or


Translucent Fiberglass Plastic Panels

Dipcraft’s translucent fiberglass plastic building panels offer an economical solution for all your skylight requirements. Panels are available in hundreds of profiles to match most existing metal building shapes. Panels may be used on roofs, walls, partitions, awnings, carports or any application where you want to let the light in and keep the rain out. For more information, call 800-245-6145 or