The latest offerings in hoisting and lifting equipment are designed to make life easier at the jobsite.

Roofing Hoists

Spar-Marathon Roofing Equipment manufactures a wide variety of roofing hoists including three styles of ladder hoists, two sizes of hydraulic swing hoists, two sizes of trolley track hoists in either hydraulic or mechanical versions, a hand swing hoist and an A-frame hand hoist. Spar-Marathon products are fully stocked at subsidiary Race Roofing Supplies in Chicago (800-387-2873

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Transport Platform Hoist System

Beta Max Inc. introduces its new Max Climber™ 3300 Transport Platform Hoist System. Designed to provide an easier and safer method of lifting general building materials, Beta Max's Max Climber 3300 is ideal for the masonry, scaffolding, drywall, glazing and restoration, and renovation industries. The Max Climber 3300 features heavy duty galvanized mast sections with a payload lifting capacity of up to 3,300 pounds. Beta Max's Max Climber 3300 features a single-masted system and is equipped with a side- and front-loading basket extendable to 165 inches long by 59 inches wide.

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Hydraulic Swing Hoist

For high production and ultimate safety, more roofers are choosing an All Seasons Equipment Hydraulic Swing Hoist. A simple two-lever control system allows the operator to raise or lower and swing a load in or out with precision and total control. Whether on a high-rise or factory roof, capacity of up to 2,000 pounds on a single line means more production and higher profits on every job.

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Towable Boom Lift

The JLG Industries Model T500J Tow-Pro™ trailer-mounted boom lift features a base-mounted accessory tray that accommodates a customer supplied compressor or generator with air and electric lines running through the boom to the platform to operate pneumatic nailers or electric powered tools. The towable boom lift has 50-foot platform height, 500 pounds of platform capacity and has an 18-foot up and over capability. The lift is powered by batteries or an optional gasoline engine. Options include a 500-pound-capacity material handling hook.

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Ladder and Trolley Track Hoists

Grizzly Equipment manufactures a large variety of hoisting equipment, including TT600 and TT1000 trolley track hoists; 250-pound-capacity and 400-pound-capacity ladder hoists available in 28-foot and 44-foot models with 4 hp or 5.5 hp Honda engines; 300-pound-capacity hand and swing hoists; and all the necessary accessories.

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Platform Hoist

Tie Down Engineering's Model LH2000 TranzSporter gas-powered platform hoist is ideal for moving shingles, roofing felt, insulation, lumber, and other building materials at remote building sites and hard-to-reach locations. Features on the LH2000 include a lightweight design, which is 50 pounds lighter than the LH200; a non-slip carriage deck; strong, lightweight aluminum track sections; oven baked black powder coat finish; and permanent safety information. The large footpads add stability, while the base is attached to a 4-inch track section with reinforced steel side plates, which adds strength and minimizes wear. The versatile brake handle attaches to either side.

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Modular Hoist

Alimak Hek recently unveiled its Scando 650 for both construction and permanent access. The Scando 650 offers a large number of possible configurations with different doors and gates, speeds and payload capacities. The Scando 650 is available in single- or twin-car configurations and has a standard maximum lifting height of 400 meters, which can be increased upon request.

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Hydraulic Hoist

The Garlock SuperMax 2000 Hydraulic Hoist combines big lifting capacity and fast line speed to help you lift heavier loads faster. The key to productivity is lifting capacity and line speed. When you're hauling up, you want heavy load capacity with speed; when you're going back down, you want speed - period. SuperMax gives you both. You get 2,000-pound single-line hoisting power and a blazing 160 feet-per-minute line speed. That's why this hoist is called the SuperMax 2000.

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Fiberglass Truck-Mounted Conveyor

Load shingles, sheetrock, plywood, tile and other related materials efficiently and safely with Cleasby's patented fiberglass conveyors. In addition to solid fiberglass construction, a naturally non-conductive material, Cleasby conveyors feature nonconductive belts with tracking ribs and nonconductive hydraulic lines. Combined, these features minimize safety hazards including electrocutions (factory tested and independent laboratory tested to 120,000 KV). Six standard lengths to choose from (26 feet to 41 feet); custom sizes are available.

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