Petersen Aluminum Corp., Elk Grove Village, Ill., has been named a national distributor for the Tegola Canadese lines of copper- and zinc-titanium-coated roofing tile. Petersen will initially carry Prestige Elite and Prestige Compact copper-coated tiles and ZT Compact zinc-titanium-coated tiles. Both the copper and zinc-titanium coated tiles are constructed of eight layers of different materials including impregnated fiberglass and natural bitumen. The tiles are dimensionally stable, are not affected by high temperatures and remain perfectly impermeable. The Prestige Elite and Prestige Compact lines feature a 99.7 percent pure copper foil coating. Over time, the tiles will develop a protective green patina. The ZT Compact lines feature a 100-micron-thick zinc-titanium foil coating. The ZT tiles are 5-mm-thick and will develop a gray/light blue patina that adds a "satin effect" to the finish.