What's New in Shingles

Atlas Roofing Corp.

Name of shingle: StormMaster

Type: Laminate or three-tab

Number of colors: Six--Brown Blend, Hearthstone Gray, Copperwood, Weathered Wood, Highland Brown, and Natchez Gray.

Shingle warranty: 50-year limited warranty.

Wind warranty: 102 mph wind warranty. The StormMaster has passed the ASTM D3161, Type 1 Wind Resistance (110mph) and UL 997 Wind Resistance (110)).

Special nailing requirements for wind warranty: Yes, six nails.

Non-prorated period in years: Five

Transferable? Yes

Fee to transfer? No

Atlas Roofing Corp.'s StormMaster shingles have passed independent impact resistance and high wind tests, which enable property owners to gain significant discounts on their insurance premiums especially in storm-prone states.

The StormMaster has earned a Class IV rating from the Underwriters Laboratory and is backed with an unprecedented 50-year, 102-mph limited warranty. The StormMaster shingle also passed the harshest 110 mph wind test and the 120 mph wind-driven rain test.

Ron Bacon, a loss mitigation administrator for State Farm Insurance, recommends Class IV rated shingles especially in the hail-prone states. "The Class IV shingles have performed extremely well," Bacon says. "We have had them go through three or four storms with baseball-sized hail and still they hold up." He added, "Atlas has a successful product and it has performed well."

Atlas StormMaster shingles are now made in the Texas at the Atlas Daingerfield plant where the shingle's durability, flexibility and strength are achieved with an asphalt formula that contains a blend of styrene butadiene styrene (SBS). The StormMaster shingle also has the Class A fire resistance rating from UL, and the American Society for Testing and Materials. In addition, an algae-resistant feature prohibits the growth of algae, making the shingles attractive for years to come.

The StormMaster is available in an architectural laminate or strip shingle in a variety of color schemes that dramatically highlight the roof architecture of any application.

For more information on StormMaster shingles and other Atlas products, visit www.atlasroofing.com or call 800-260-2852.


Name of shingle:Centennial Slate™

Type: asphalt roofing shingle.

Number of colors available: Six colors including Black Granite, Country Slate, Fieldstone, New England Slate, Plymouth Rock and Smokey Quartz.

Shingle warranty in years: A lifetime, limited warranty and 10-year SureStart™ protection, which offers full replacement coverage in the unlikely event a manufacturing defect occurs in the early years following product application.

Wind warranty in miles per hour: Centennial Slate comes with coverage against winds up to 110 miles per hour.

Special nailing requirement for wind warranty? No

Non-prorated period in years: 10

Transferable? Yes

Fee to transfer? No

CertainTeed breaks new ground with the introduction of Centennial Slate, the first in a new generation of asphalt roofing shingles that replicates the true look of blended slate. This distinguished shingle is made possible through CertainTeed's sophisticated new patent-pending manufacturing process that coordinates shingle cutting and granule blending.

"Never before has an asphalt shingle manufacturer been able to simulate blended slate with such accuracy and color intensity. Centennial Slate is a true technical achievement," says Husnu Kalkanoglu, director of research and development for CertainTeed's Exterior Products Group. "It's a beautifully crafted shingle that offers contractors and homeowners an alternative to high cost, traditional blended slate."

Centennial Slate utilizes CertainTeed's exclusive Super Shangle® construction, with two full-size 18- by 36-inch base shingles, resulting in four layers of shingle protection and 8-inch exposure when applied. Centennial Slate is available in six colors including Black Granite, Country Slate, Fieldstone, New England Slate, Plymouth Rock and Smokey Quartz.

At 355 pounds per square, Centennial Slate carries a lifetime, limited warranty, including coverage against winds of up to 110 miles per hour, and 10-year SureStart protection, which offers full replacement coverage in the unlikely event a manufacturing defect occurs in the early years following product application. Centennial Slate is algae-resistant, features Class A fire rating and is certified by Underwriters Laboratories to meet ASTM D3462, the roofing industry's tough shingle performance standard required by many of today's building codes.

For more information contact CertainTeed at 800-233-8990 or go to www.certainteed.com.

Elk Premium Building Products

Name of shingle:Prestique® GrandeType:A larger scale (8 1/4-inch exposure instead of 5 5/8 inch) laminated asphalt shingleNumber of colors available:Four--Weatheredwood, Sablewood, Barkwood and Antique SlateShingle warranty in years:40Wind warranty in miles per hour:80-90 mph* (*with special nailing requirement)Special nailing requirement for wind warranty?Yes, with six nails and Elk StarterNon-prorated period in years:Five to seven years, if complete Elk Roofing System is used: shingles, hip and ridge shingles, ventilation, Elk Starter and Elk All-Climate, Self-Adhering Underlayment.Transferable?YesFee to transfer?Yes, $2.00 per square Elk Prestique Grandé High Definition® laminated shingles began nationwide distribution in April. The shingle's 8 1/4-inch exposure incorporates the unique and popular random-cut design of the signature Prestique 5 5/8-inch shingle. The 40 percent larger exposure and optimized High Definition look increase dimensionality, even on lower-pitched roofs. The bold, large-scale look of Prestique Grandé compares with traditional roofing materials such as wood and slate. Answering an industry desire, Elk created Prestique Grandé with a bigger, 1 1/4-inch nail area delineated by two parallel lines across the shingle. The patented interply headlap, made with Elk's VersaShield technology, makes Prestique Grandé shingles lighter and easier to install than competing large-scale premium shingles. "Contractors really like the design of Prestique Grandé because each course covers more area than standard shingles, making completion of a roof quicker and easier," says Curt Barker, Elk vice president of sales and marketing. In addition to meeting UL wind resistant and Class "A" fire ratings, Prestique Grandé has received Metro Dade approval, and is offered with a limited wind warranty for winds up to 90 mph*. Prestique Grandé is available with a 40-year limited warranty including Umbrella Coverage and an option for transferability. Prestique Grandé's unique design and technology make it possible for Elk to create shingles with the larger 8 1/4-inch exposure range that are priced with 5 5/8-inch exposure laminated shingles. In fact, Prestique Grandé is less expensive than competitors' standard size 50-year warranty shingles. Prestique Grandé is produced in four popular color blends, including Barkwood, Sablewood, Weatheredwood and Antique Slate.

GAF Materials Corp

Name of shingle:Camelot

Type: Premium laminate

Number of colors available: Six (Aged Oak, Antique Slate, Essex Green, Olde Pewter, Sheffield Black, Welsh Gray)

Shingle warranty in years: Lifetime limited transferable warranty

Wind warranty in miles per hour: 110 mph (see limited warranty for complete details)

Special nailing requirement for wind warranty? No

Non-prorated period in years: 10

Transferable? Yes

Fee to transfer? No

GAF Materials Corp.'s new Camelot™ Premium Designer Shingles combine timeless beauty with uncompromising performance to create the idyllic look its name represents! Two ultra-thick layers combined with intricately crafted color blending result in unparalleled dimensionality and stunning beauty. In spite of its ultra-premium class, Camelot shingles can be obtained at only a fraction of the cost of slate or wood shakes, while offering ultimate protection against the elements of nature.

Camelot shingles feature GAF's Super-Heavyweight "plus" construction (over approximately 460 pounds per square) for ultimate durability. In fact, each layer of Camelot shingles is up to 60 percent thicker than each layer of many other "premium" asphalt shingles. A special double row of Dura Grip™ adhesive seals each shingle tightly and reduces the risk of blow-offs, and the custom specified, ultra-high performance Micro Weave® core provides better protection layer for layer. In fact, Camelot shingles are confidently warranted to withstand winds up to 110 mph!

Camelot shingles are easier to install: Their unique 17- by 34 1/2-inch size and larger 7 1/2-inch exposure means less installation time and cost. The shingles are Class A fire-rated, which is the best fire rating possible, and also come with Algae Eater™ protection from unsightly blue-green algae. Camelot shingles have a limited lifetime warranty with Smart Choice® protection for the first 10 years, and carry a limited lifetime transferable warranty on both residential and commercial applications.


Name of shingle:Grandeur

Type: SBS laminate

Number of colors available: Six

Shingle warranty in years: Limited 50-year warranty

Wind warranty in miles per hour: 110 mph

Special nailing requirement for wind warranty? Yes, six

Non-prorated period in years: Seven

Transferable? Yes

Fee to transfer? Yes

Grandeur and Dynasty architectural laminated shingles have a lot in common. They're engineered to last, built to perform and designed to be beautiful.

But, while Dynasty is modified with an APP modifier, Grandeur's top coating is modified with an SBS modifier. Grandeur also incorporates a base layer of proven oxidized asphalt coating, so you get the best of both technologies: SBS on top for added flexibility and impact resistance, and a base layer of oxidized asphalt for better shingle handling and resistance to deformation. This means that in cold-weather applications, Grandeur shingles will be more resilient and flexible and easier to install. This is great news for contractors!

Grandeur's advanced engineering stands up to the competition just as effectively as it does the weather. Its superior performance puts it in a league above traditional and more expensive roofing materials, such as cedars shakes, metal, slate tiles or clay tiles. While these other products may protect adequately against rain or snow, none of them can match Grandeur's UL 2218 Class 4 impact rating, algae protection and wind-resistant design.

Now contractors can offer homeowners the beauty, durability and affordability of the Grandeur shingle. In all other respects, Grandeur performs just like Dynasty and is covered by a limited 50-year warranty and IKO's seven-year "Iron Clad" protection program.

SBS modified with a tough fiberglass mat base

UL2218 Impact Resistance Class 4 rating

Ceramic-coated copper granules provide protection against the benign, but unsightly black streaks caused by algae and fungus.

Available in six naturalistic colors

For more information, visit www.iko.com.

Owens Corning

Name of shingle:Berkshire Collection

Type: Super-laminates

Color selection: A palette of hues found in natural slate, as well as striking designer colors, to complement a variety of architectural styles.

Shingle warranty: Berkshire Collection (Hip & Ridge) carry a limited lifetime warranty, which includes 10-year Tru PROtection® coverage, 15-year algae resistance protection and 110-mph wind resistance.

Transferable? Yes. The warranty can be transferred one time, anytime during the life of the warranty. Please see the actual terms of the warranty for important details.

Pro-rated? Berkshire shingles carry 10 years of Tru PROtection® coverage, Owens Corning's extended period of nonprorated upfront coverage during which both material and labor costs are covered without proration.

Special nailing requirements for wind warranty: Six fasteners per shingle are recommended for high-wind areas.

Playing to the growing demand by homeowners to personalize their homes, Owens Corning's Berkshire Collection shingles feature unique colors and slate styling to fit a wide variety of architectural styles. With exceptional resistance to algae and high winds, and backed by a limited lifetime warranty, Berkshire shingles not only look good-they offer outstanding performance.

Berkshire shingles evoke a natural slate look because they are the only slate-styled shingles on which the placement of the blend drop is exact enough to define individual tabs. The shape, color and definition of the tabs provide a slate-like fee-imparting a rich appearance to the roof.

The heavyweight shingles are double laminated for added dimension and durability, and the large shingles with a large exposure-all stacked face up-means fewer shingles per square and more efficient installation for contractors

Berkshire dimensional premium laminate shingles offer a combination of colors found in natural slate, such as reds, purples and blues, as well as unique designer colors-for a complete palette perfect for any exterior.

The Berkshire Collection roofing system includes hip and ridge shingles, ventilation and water-resistant products for optimum durability and beauty:

Berkshire Hip and Ridge Shingles add extra dimension and protection to the most sophisticated roofs.

Ventsure® ventilation products enhance appearance while helping to keep air moving through the attic, balancing outdoor and indoor temperatures.

Weatherlock® water-resistant underlayment provides protection under a roof's surface to prevent leaks due to ice damming and wind-driven rains.

For more information, visit www.owenscorning.com.


Name of shingle:Heritage XL

Type: Laminate

Number of colors available: Six--Black Forest, Canyon Brown, Desert Sunshine, Slatestone Grey, Weathered Stone, Weathered Wood

Shingle warranty in years: 40-year limited warranty Wind warranty in mph: 60-month limited warranty against damage from wind up to 80 mph (90 mph when applied in accordance with TAMKO's High Wind Application Instructions).

Special nailing requirement for wind warranty? No for 80 mph, yes for 90 mph

Non-Prorated period in years: 7 years

Transferable? Yes, one time limited warranty transfer within first two years of term to a purchaser of the building upon which the shingles are installed. The transfer must occur simultaneously with the sale of the building.

Fee to Transfer? No

One size does not fit all. That's why TAMKO expanded its popular Heritage Series of laminated shingles with the Heritage XL shingle line. Heritage XL shingles feature a wider-cut tab (10 1/2 to 13 inches vs. 4 1/2 to 6 inches with regular Heritage shingles) to create a truly unique, expansive beauty never before seen in a laminated shingle.

Heritage XL shingles feature a double-layer of fiberglass mat construction with a wider random-cut saw-tooth design. The two layers of mat are coated with asphalt, surfaced with mineral granules, and then laminated together with TAMKO's special asphalt adhesive. A well-defined nailing zone eases the application accuracy, and a self-sealing strip of asphalt provides added wind resistance on the roof. TAMKO's exclusive Shadowtone feature adds dimension and depth of appearance to the shingles.

Heritage XL shingles meet ASTM D 3462 and are offered with an extensive 40-year limited warranty from TAMKO to underscore their enduring beauty. They are also made with algae-resistant granules and come with a 10-year warranty against algae discoloration.

Several color selections are available to convey the distinctively open feel of Heritage XL shingles. These options include Black Forest, Canyon Brown, Desert Sunrise, Slatetone Grey and Weathered Stone.

The wide-open look of Heritage XL shingles will distinguish any home with a remarkable, one-of-a-kind beauty.