The White Coatings Council will service the producers and suppliers of acrylic or elastomeric (non-bituminous) coatings.

The Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association, Washington, D.C., has announced initiation of a new council for the producers of white coatings. The White Coatings Council will function as part of the overall RCMA. It will service the producers and suppliers of acrylic or elastomeric (non-bituminous) coatings. RCMA, on behalf of the council, has already implemented an industry promotional program, and is planning programs to respond to targeted governmental and regulatory issues, technical matters and activities, and membership services and programs.

“With the significant changes taking place in the variety of roof coatings products manufactured, distributed and available today, RCMA members recognize the increasing interest in reflective roofing,” according to RCMA President R. Tripp Hyer III, vice president of sales and marketing, Gardner-Gibson Inc., Tampa, Fla. “RCMA has stepped to the forefront to meet today’s market trend by setting up this council to exclusively focus on white coatings while at the same time, maintaining its full-service role of its historic membership base.”

The new membership category is open to any firm, partnership or corporation engaged in the business of manufacturing or private labeling cold-applied white coatings. The new RCMA program incorporates a three-tiered dues structure for non-bituminous coatings manufacturers based on year-end gallonages. RCMA’s current 26 Regular Member companies include 14 companies that are also white coatings manufacturers.

“We felt it was necessary to take this step to ensure that this important segment of the roof coatings industry has a clear voice in the organization,” noted RCMA Membership Chair John J. Sullivan, vice president sales, Interfibe Corp. “Our aim is to expand that membership, taking our message on the road to non-members who produce either elastomeric or acrylic coatings to invite their active membership in developing the council.”

Highlights for the member companies in the White Coatings Council, in addition to voting rights, is attendance and full participation at all meetings and events. The RCMA board of directors recently enacted a bylaw change that expands the size of the organization’s board to 11 members, and guarantees specifically that two be elected from among the representatives of the White Coatings Council members.

The council will meet periodically to address issues of interest to this segment of the industry. The initial meeting of the new council will be held in conjunction with the RCMA Fall Meetings, Sept. 23-24, 2003, in Baltimore.

“RCMA will be focusing on describing and promoting the benefits of white roof coatings in terms that will directly impact and positively motivate targeted end-users through a promotion plan to increase awareness and product promotion,” says RCMA Communications Committee Chair Anthony Ruffine, director, Specialty Products, GAF Materials Corp. For additional information, visit