Sun-Tek Manufacturing, Orlando, offers Extreme Weather (Impact) skylights. The company offers a wide assortment of certified impact-rated skylights, available in both curb-mount and self-flashing models, made of insulated glass or polycarbonate plastic. The newest and most popular type of skylight, the tubular skylight, is also available for all wind zones and Dade County, Fla. The series includes curb-mounted polycarbonate bubbles up to a roof opening size of 46 1/2 inches by 89 1/2 inches; self-flashing polycarbonate bubbles up to a rough opening of 46 1/2 inches by 46 1/2 inches. Impact glass units are available in curb-mount and self-flashing models-argon-filled insulated glass coupled with a third layer of high-impact polycarbonate plastic assembled to an extruded aluminum alloy frame. Custom-size glass impact skylights are available with a three-week lead-time, along with as many as 17 standard sizes.