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NRCA Announces New Products

RoofWise—Version 2.0, updated in 2002, is a software application that provides an interactive, graphical method of constructing virtual roof assemblies to evaluate thermal efficiency, proper vapor retarder placement and approximate annual energy costs, as well as provides the minimum thermal insulation requirements established by ASHRAE Standard 90.1-1999. This user-friendly program prompts you to enter specific information, such as roof area, climatic region, heat type and cost, roof opening and roofing materials to be used. You then can generate a report summarizing the proposed roof assembly design, estimated heating and cooling costs, and minimum thermal requirements.

Your Down and Dirty Guide to Kettle and Tanker Inspection and Maintenance. Making sure your workers know the proper guidelines for kettle and tanker inspection and maintenance is extremely important. This new 23-minute video and accompanying workbook will assist you with training your roofing workers and others about proper inspection and maintenance of kettles and tankers. The workbook also addresses worker safety, regulatory compliance issues, and safe transportation methods for kettles and tankers.

Roofing Contractors Equipment Cost Schedule. NRCA’s equipment cost schedule is a reference to help you determine the equipment costs for your jobs. It contains descriptions of equipment and breaks out monthly, weekly, daily and hourly expense rates. This publication includes more than 90 illustrations and addresses 45 types of equipment—from air compressors, cut-off saws and felt slitters to storage trailers, torches and wheelbarrows.

Body Mechanics: Keeping Fit on the Roof. Train your employees about the four key principles for maintaining fitness on the job: proper lifting techniques, stretching, sound ergonomics and general back care. Training materials include four ergonomic toolbox talks, five sets of three hard-hat stickers, five sets of four pocket-size training cards and one shop poster. The kit also addresses the benefits of proper nutrition, exercise and maintaining good health on and off the job.

For more information about these and other products, contact NRCA InfoExpress at 866.ASK.NRCA (275.6722) or

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Membership in NRCA reflects commitment to continual education, professionalism and adherence to the highest standards. Today more than ever, roofing professionals need to broaden their understanding of the industry and sharpen their organizational strategies.

No organization can do more to meet these needs than NRCA. Established in 1886, NRCA is one of the U.S. construction industry’s oldest trade associations. NRCA is an active and progressive organization of members who share a common purpose and interests. NRCA strives to help roofing professionals achieve competitive advantages and implements programs to improve members’ businesses.

There are several categories of NRCA membership — contractor; manufacturer/distributor; architect, engineer and consultant; industrial and institutional; and international. As a contractor member, you have the option to select one or two membership sections and Web-site listings with your membership dues. You can receive additional section benefits, including Web-site listings, for a small additional charge, after you select the initial two sections included with membership. The sections are: commercial/low slope, residential/steep slope, metal and sprayed polyurethane foam.

Included in your membership are many benefits, such as For Members Only, NRCA’s monthly newsletter. In addition, your company will receive recognition on NRCA’s Web site,, and in its membership directory. NRCA membership also includes representation by NRCA’s Washington, D.C., office, which works for the roofing industry before congress, with representatives of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and others. NRCA also annually holds the largest roofing convention in the United States where you can receive discounts on registration to walk the trade-show floor, attend educational sessions or listen to well-known speakers. These are only a few of the many benefits NRCA offers its members.

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