Rooftop Equipment Inc., New Wilmington, Pa., offers Insul-Liner, an easy-to-use, foam-insulation-adhesive spreader, developed and manufactured upon the request of Millennium Adhesive Products Inc. Looking somewhat like an oversized lawn spreader, the machine has a large topside opening where adhesive is poured into a 12-gallon tank. The liquid adhesive is gravity-fed through four small holes positioned to apply even beads of adhesive on either steel or concrete decking. The wheels can be easily adjusted to straddle the flutes of a steel deck. The smooth polyethylene tank makes cleanup easy. The tank is designed to drain and preserve unused adhesive. Any leftover, hardened adhesive may be easily removed from the tank prior to the next use, a job made easier by pre-spraying the tank with silicon. Replacement tanks are available to maximize production.