GAF Materials Corp., Wayne, N.J., and the National Roofing Contractors Association worked together with the Indy Racing League and now have available a new DVD entitled "Race to Be Safe." The DVD was designed with high-energy visuals and high intensity film clips, but buried inside all this excitement are the fundamentals of safety education. The video shows how seriously these racing professionals take safety, and how "macho" they consider safety. It holds the attention of the viewer with "inside scoop" on what the Indy Racing League does in its safety programs that the average fan never sees. And it shares how racing professionals have come to appreciate roofing contractors and respect what they do and acknowledge how important they are to the comfort and safety of a property owners. GAF is providing the "Race to Be Safe" DVD at no charge through its CARE (Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence) educational centers and team. The DVD is also available from the GAF and U.S. Intec sales force.