W.P. Hickman, Asheville, N.C., has redesigned Safeguard® NP (non penetrating) fascia system to meet higher wind resistance than the original Safeguard NP. The product now offers FM approvals up to 1-210 and comes with the company's Category 5 warranty-a 25-year, 155 mph wind resistance guarantee. Available for TPO, thermoplastic or modified bitumen roofing, Safeguard NP's offers a static water dam cant and a galvanized steel cleat/retainer. The roof membrane is compressed between the cant and retainer, resulting in high performance regardless of roof membrane thickness. Concealed fasteners eliminate any possibility of leakage and enhance the product's aesthetics. The metal fascia and the free-floating cleat also allow for expansion and contraction without tearing the membrane. The exterior fascia system is available in extruded or formed aluminum and galvanized steel. A wide range of exterior finishes is available.