Johns Manville, Denver, offers NordShield™, a self-adhering modified asphalt membrane used under shingles, shakes and tiles in residential applications and as an underlayment for metal roofing systems in commercial applications. The membrane provides an effective ice and water guard. It is fast and easy to install, with no heat or special adhesives required. The scored release liner allows the applicator to remove a strip and align the roll before removing the remainder of the release liner, which ensures a smooth, wrinkle-free application. It self seals around nails and can be used on ridges in valleys and around chimneys and penetrations.

SureGrip™ is also used under shingles, slate, shakes and tiles. It prevents leaks and damage to decking and internal structures from wind-blown rain, water backup and gutter debris. This self-adhering membrane is composed of a rubberized-asphalt roofing sheet with a strong, inorganic glass mat for reinforcement. The top surface is embedded with fine inorganic granules. The back is covered with an easily removable dual-scored plastic release form. The membrane is also used as a vapor barrier for roofs, walls and floors. It can be used as a concealed flashing on roof ridges, in valleys, around chimneys and penetrations and where the base edge of a higher wall or parapet meets a roof surface.