“Time flies when you are having fun” is the expression that comes to mind when it is time to make excuses for things left undone. This blog has been left woefully unattended since the fall of last year, and lame excuses are all this editor has to offer.

I have been busy with many and significant things to do in my job in the business of roofing materials distribution. That is always a good thing. Also blessed to have been quite busy courting the stunningly gorgeous and completely brilliant Micki, who has agreed to become my wife later on this year (a very good thing indeed).

But here I am, back with a brief message that, for once at least, is really worth sharing: April is National Donate Life Month.

The title of editorial director is but one of many I am blessed to have these days. One of the other, arguably more important, titles I am very proud to have is father-in-law. My son-in-law, Mark, 41, is dad to two of my beautiful grandchildren and husband to my daughter, Dana. For the past five years, Mark has been on a waiting list for a new liver.

Diagnosed with end-stage liver disease at Easter time five years ago, Mark and his family were thrust into a new world for them; one that has involved a lot of work, study, prayer, lots of doctor and hospital visits, and waiting. And waiting and waiting and waiting.

They, along with their children and many of our other family members have become passionate advocates for organ donation. I signed on as an organ donor many years ago because it was easy, free, and just seemed like the right thing to do. Now I feel just a little more strongly about it.

Every recipient of a life-saving organ does not have to wait five years, but some must wait even longer. The fact is, if everyone who could donate organs was signed up to do so, waits would be reduced dramatically.

So if even one or two of you who may read this realizing you have never signed up to be an organ donor decide to move forward with that commitment, then this little message will have been well worth it. And, if nothing else, it got me back into the blog mode.

Speaking of the blog mode, if there are roofing topics you would like for me to pursue, please post a response here or drop me a line at rickdamato@yahoo.com. As always, thanks for reading Roofing Contractor.

Here are some helpful links to learn more about organ donation: