Cal Shreiner is First Vice President and Head of Capital Construction Management North America for Prologis. At this year’s Best of Success conference, he drew on his 36 years of experience in all phases of construction management to give roofing contractors insight into the mindset of commercial building owners. If you missed the live event in Denver in September, you are in luck: Roofing Contractor is presenting a webinar on Nov. 28 with video from the event, and a live Q&A session. For more information or to register, click here.

The webinar is titled “The Roofing Contractor From the Perspective of the Building Owner,” and in it Cal defines the type of service necessary to meet and exceed the needs of building owners and their lease holders. He also outlines the qualifications an owners’ representative looks for when hiring a roofing contractor. “When we look for a roofing contractor to do work for Prologis, first and foremost they must be customer service oriented, not only to us, the building owner, but also to the customers leasing the building,” he said.

He noted Prologis is active in 21 countries on four continents, and its $43.9 billion in assets under management equates to 569 million square feet of active properties. The company looks for high-quality contractors with a proven track record. “They do not have to be the biggest contractor in the market or region, but we want to use the best. Sometimes the smaller ‘mom and pop’ contractors in some of the markets we work in are the best contractors,” he said.

To see the full presentation, register for the webinar. If you aren’t able to view it on the day of the live event, you can check it out on demand any time.