We just completed our first Best of Success webinar, “Recycle Your Way to Profits,” which is now available on demand. It featured a new format for us: the screen showed a video of Brad Satran’s live presentation at our Best of Success conference as well as his PowerPoint slides. Brad was with us live for the Q&A session, and he was able to answer attendees’ questions — and some of mine. 

If you saw the webinar, let me know what you thought of the new format. In some ways, I think having the presenter visible on screen in the video made it seem easier to connect with the speaker, and the slides from the PowerPoint were always visible, so the content was always easy to follow.

Brad is with Interstate Roofing in Portland, Ore., and he detailed how he helped start up a recycling center and reaped the benefits of recycling — and made a profit at the same time. If you’d like to look into the benefitsof recycling, tune in to view “Recycle Your Way to Profits.” For information on future Best of Success webinars, just click here.